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Basement Bathroom : Week 10

Heya! Oh my geezus (Gus' latest catch phrase)! Here we are at week 10! It's been so long since the last update, I feel so guilty. The holidays threw a wrench in my plans so we will just ignore them, and not even count them as part of my timeline. We'll just skip right over Christmastime and begin week 7 right after the New Year. Can I just say again that I am soooooo looking forward to wrapping this up! At the start of week 7, I was still waiting for the floor tiles to be delivered from READ MORE
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Decking Out the Bathroom

Yes, I'm still working on the bathroom. It was hard to get back into the swing of things after the holidays, but I'm getting there. Just yesterday the dark blue cement floor tiles arrived, and they are amazing! I'm letting them acclimate for a few days before I go ahead with the install, in the mean time I'll be watching every youtube vid I can find until I feel totally confident that I'm not going to screw this up. Computer time has been rare these days. Our hot water heater and boiler READ MORE
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Basement Bathroom : Week 6

Is it over yet? No? Shit. People keep telling me that it seems like this is all coming together really quickly, and I'm like "really?" To me this has been lingering on and on, and there is still so many things that have to get done! I'm trying not to be all pessimistic but I reached the point of a project where you just want to see it done already. The reality is that I have over the half of the bathroom done, which is great but I feel overwhelmed by all of the little things left to do. It READ MORE
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Basement Bathroom : Week 5

Although I am right on schedule with this project, it feels like its taking forever! It's a semi-enjoyable, semi painful kind-of-forever, and I'm glad the payoffs make it seem worth it thus far. Let me get you guys up to speed. Since last week I tiled one side of the shower stall. It's not just one side though, it's one side with a soap niche. Who would have ever thought that one niche would take so much planning, but it did. After staring at hundreds of images on pinterest and considering READ MORE
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Basement Bathroom : Week 3-ish

Hey guys! Whazzup? Technically this is the start of week four, but I wanted to check in and let you know where I finished off after last week. I've completed all the subway tile around the sink area which consists of one large wall and two more narrow walls. The tiling went up pretty quickly after I got into a grove. I've said it like five times already, but that laser level has made tiling so easy! If only their was a laser level equivalent for grouting! Holy buckets! How easily I forgot READ MORE
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