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Sweet Potato Bisque with Bleu Cheese Croutons

Hi. Make this. That's right guys, I'm back with another recipe, sorry. I know, I know, there have been a lot of food posts lately, but give me a break. I'm in a crazy nesting way, squirreling away and canning stuff for the winter. Our fridge is full to the brim with the last of the CSA winter veggies, it would be a waste not to use 'em all up. Considering I have about a bizzillion jillion sweet potatoes, I was really happy to find this delicious recipe. There is a thin line between READ MORE
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The Prettiest Bottle of Gin, Ever

Look what I see buddies, it's the prettiest bottle of gin ever made, and it's made right here in Minnesota. Can you even believe it? Goodbye Hedricks, hosta la vista Bombay Sapphire, from this day forward I'm shacking up with Solveig Gin. I promise there will never be another bottle of gin sitting on my bar cart - except for the raging parties, then I'll bring out the cheap stuff, har har. Our good pals, Matt and Katie brought us this pretty bottle as a hostess gift a couple of weekends READ MORE
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Peeñed Up Jam

Hey Guys! My favorite thing about fall is very intensive meat and cheese boards, ya know what I am saying? Very delicious and fatty meats hanging out with lots of stinky cheeses, and a suitable amount of beer to wash it all down. My usual platters consist of tons of arugula, spicy mustard, pickled veggies, maybe a piece of fruit or two, butt loads of crostinis and some sort of sweet and savory jammy jam. Last winter our good buddy Matt, gifted us the best homemade cheese accouterment READ MORE
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CSA Recipe : Veggie Thai Salad

TGIF, dudez! This is probably one of the last CSA recipes of the season and it's a good one, maybe even the best. You just have to make it! Things about it that rule, the dressing is so tyte and delicious, I would even make a little more of it next time and add even more sriracha. The sweetheart cabbage is a fantastic compliment to the kale adding the perfect snap of bitterness. You know how good cabbage is for you, right? It is full of vitamin K and anthocyanins that help with mental READ MORE
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CSA Recipe : Watermelon & Cucumber Salad

Hello budz! I know I keep saying I am 'so busy' all the time, but I promise I will shut up about it soon. Life will be more relaxed after this week is over, and then I promise that I will begin to chat about new Ikea catalogs, my bedroom tanker project and other crap like that. I hope you don't hate me for dumping a bunch of non-housy posts on you and being very slow to respond to your great comments (I will I swear it) but this last month has just been nuts! July has been full of birthdays, READ MORE
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