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Wallpaper Indycyzunz

Oh god, you guys. We are experiencing some major wallpaper indecision up in 'dis piece. It all started because one miss Scoops Allen got swayed by some wallpaper that normally I would never in a million, gazillion years go for. I was in trouble from the moment I laid eyes on it - I've had permanent blinders on, and have barely been able to consider any other paper. This dreamy paper is the new Rifle Paper Co wallpaper design for Hygge & West seen above on the right. I have no idea why I love it; maybe the colors, maybe the grandma style floral pattern done-up with a slightly more modern vibe, or maybe I just do, okay?! It was one of the first patterns I spied when I began considering wallpaper options for the bedroom wall. At first I thought, 'well that's kinda cool but way not my taste', and then I couldn't stop thinking about it. The thing is, it's totally not my usual taste AT.ALL. I am very afraid if I follow through with this whim that I will regret it very quickly. I have a hunch that this is just one of those fleeting love affairs, and really it just won't last. AND when your best pal, your mom, and your husband all tell you that the wallpaper you are crushing on is "a surprising choice" and totally "not what they expected" (aka the midwestern way of them saying, "yuck, dude") does that mean you shouldn't put it all over your walls? Okay so all that stuff being said, I've been trying to search out other options looking at things that I would typically go for, remember when I did this black and white wallpaper Get the Scoop [...]
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Thinking About : Ideas for the Bedroom

Hello, happy Friday! I've been thinking hard about ideas for the very-much-in-the-future bedroom revamp and I wanted to share them with you. I need to do these weird exercises in design and inspiration so that I can stay focused on the prize. The sunroom (is essentially part of our bedroom) which you may remember was overhauled this spring. I totally love it now and we use the space all the time. However because the sunroom is looking all foxy and babelicious its making the bedroom look lame and boring. Something must be done. The Sunroom I am totally in love with the navy sofa and coral combo that I used in the sunroom, and would like to continue that idea in the bedroom - just in more subtle ways, emphasizing on neutral whites and grays. As always I love a nice marriage of modern pieces and vintage favorites, and have plans of accessorizing in rose golds and brass accents. I have always adored wallpaper and it's something I've always wanted to add to our bedroom. Wallpaper hasn't happened yet because I haven't stumbled upon the perfect pattern or had the perfect plan to have the balls to buy and install something. I'm getting there though :) In the past, we have wallpapered the vestibule and the music room. I really love having those bold patterns throughout the house and would like to continue patterning it up in our bedroom. I saw this very feminine and floral paper from Hygge & West a few weeks ago and I have been thinking about it ever since. I don't know if it will stay stuck in my brain as Get the Scoop [...]
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Vegetable Gardens Need Love Too.

Budz! You may remember a few weeks ago when the kid and I built an addition to our raised bed garden scene. The seedlings are all starting to grow and the new raised bed garden is coming along nicely. However, the raised bed gardens on the side of my house are lacking landscaping and general prettiness. Right now it looks like we just dropped a few raised beds in the yard, which we kinda did. It turns out that mowing around raised bed gardens is not easy. I mean, I could buy a cool weed wacker but where's the fun in that? I can't pass up an opportunity to add yet another garden to this smallish city lot. So it's on - a new garden for my gardens. I've decided to meld things together a bit by adding edging around the gardens, see below for the plan to get the big picture. I would like to make a garden for the veggie garden. I know you guys, maybe it seems a bit excessive, but I can’t just let it stay the way it is. This could be the perfect opportunity to make that super quaint urban garden and pretty up the side of our house, highlighting it as a welcoming entrance to the backyard. I'd like to use edging and make a new small border around the vegetable gardens removing the grass that causes me trouble mowing. The edging would follow the contour of the house as well as the contour of the foundation garden that runs along the side of our house. Between the veg gardens and the house there would be a meandering stone pathway sunk into the lawn. It would still be easily mowed over because it would be flush with Get the Scoop [...]
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Thinking About : Hammocks!

Handmade Nicaraguan Hammocks
When I was thumbing through the June issue of Elle Decor magazine I stopped dead in my tracks when I came to a page featuring beautifully handmade Nicaraguan hammocks. I thought to myself “Scoops! You need a GD hammock”!

Now I don’t know if I really need a hammock in my backyard, I very much like the idea of one, but in reality it would probably take up too much space. However, I do totally adore these hammocks from The Hang a Hammock Collective. Guess what else guys? They are totally affordable. Not usually something you come across in Elle Decor. Prices range from $94 to $115. Check out the collectives Etsy store over here and don’t even try and convince me why a hammock would be a good idea for me, I totally don’t need the encouragement, my husband will thank you ;)

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Can’t Get You Out of My Mind

Images via Design Love Fest photographed by Laure Joliet Did you guys happen to catch the Before & After bedroom makeover of Bri from Design Love Fest's a few weeks ago? It was designed in collaboration with Victoria from sfgirlbybay and it turned out amazingly. You guys, I can’t stop thinking about it! This room sums up exactly what I envision for our bedroom when we maybe-kinda-sorta-possibly-might get around to spiffing it up this fall. Whenever it happens I will definitely be looking back at these images for inspiration. I love the combination of Scandinavian and modern furniture pieces, brass fixtures and accents, green flora, subtle touches of blush pink and white and light linens. Of course, the thing I love the most is that light fixture from Cedar and Moss, kind of obsessed. If you haven't seen it yet, go check out the complete Before & After over here. Images via Design Love Fest photographed by Laure Joliet   Get the Scoop [...]
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