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Thinking About : The Garden

Astilbe I've never grown Astible in the garden. Its flowers are so feathery and the foliage is reminiscent of ferns. It comes in array of colors and sizes and prefers the shade. I think it could look really stunning mixed in with the hostas on the shady side of the backyard garden. This spring will mark the beginning of my sixth gardening season. All of the plants in the garden are mature now, and the garden and flower beds have really filled in. I can't even tell you how much I love to READ MORE
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Let’s Think Green!

+++ source +++ French By Design Only one more week of February left! I always put these milestones in my head during the winter, it helps me cope. March 1st is a biggie, you see once we get to March the weather eventually has to warm up, the sun will have to stay out longer and everything will get better, it just has to. There is light at the end of that wintery tunnel (hopefully). This is the time of year where I have to muster up every ounce of positivity that I can bare, and try and focus READ MORE
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Ikea is Getting Springy

Did you guys happen to see the new line of Ikea planters on the Livet Hemma blog yesterday? If you're in need a little dose of spring, may I highly suggest you pick up a few of these. I had seen the watering can two weeks ago, and snatched it up right away - I've been wanting a pretty watering can for a long time, and for $10 bucks, this one fit the bill and didn't hurt my wallet. Now I need to go back and get a few of those self watering planters too - this might be just the thing for my overly READ MORE
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Basement Hang Space Inspiration

+++ sources +++ 1 | 2 Hola Pals! We're back from our vacay in Tulum, Mexico. It was pretty great, except for that 48 hours I spent in bed puking my guts out, but whatever. I'll share a recap of the funner side of the trip in a coming post because the other 60 hours in Mexico were pretty amazing. Even though it wasn't the vacation I was dreaming of, I did come back feeling really refreshed and focused. I'm excited to get to work on our biggest project yet! We'll be gutting our old dingy READ MORE
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Birthday Wishlist

Here are all the things you will need to be me in my dreams: 1: Dewalt Compound Miter Saw | 2: Dr. Martens | 3: 24mm EF-S Canon Lens | 4: Ferm Living Round Dorm Shelf | 5: Loom for Beginners | 6: Photographic Art for my Bedroom Wallz | 7: All the Flannel Shirts | 8: Cool Leather Jacket | 9: Pearl Jam Backspacer LP | 10: YakTrax Hey Pals. Oh man, I just celebrated my 33rd birthday this weekend. It was kind of awesome, kind of insane and slightly epic. I was wined and dined, went to a rap READ MORE
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