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Busy Building a Bunk Bed!

Hey guys, sorry for the recent absence. I have been so busy this last week trying to get all the tile installed, cut and grouted before the weekend. Also we got the bunk bed delivered, check out the vid for all the celebration excitement. You know what that means; rearranging the kids room, organizing closets, disassembling old cribs, moving beds and building new ones! Things are crazy around here!

Don’t expect to see me much this week, but don’t fret – I’ll be back next week with lots of home progress pics to share!

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We Ordered a Bunk Bed!

Okay, I'll fess up, I think I may be more excited about the new bunk bed then the boys are. Gus does say "wow" when I show him pictures of it, and Finn is pretty stoked, but really, I'm the one who thinks this will be awesome. We just ordered the "Perch Bunk Bed" from Oeuf this weekend. It's on backorder and won't be available to ship until mid-October, but that's cool, we can wait. I love Oeuf products, the "Sparrow" crib we purchased from for the kids 5 years ago has been wonderful. It's held up really well through the two kids, plus I love the changing table that rests a top the crib (anchored by straps of course). Oeuf has it figured out when it comes to beauty and function. So when it was time to purchase the bunk bed I was more than happy to patronize Oeuf again. Our boys love hanging out together; they enjoy each other, they play well, they look out for one another, and they have lots of fun. When we asked Finn if he would want to share his room with Gus, he quickly responded, "yeah, and maybe we could get a bunk bed too". The boys have never slept in the same room together, because Gus is still in the crib in his room. Gus is more than ready to get into a big kid bed though, and wishes he could crawl into bed with Finn every night. The time to get Gus sleeping in a bed and the kids sharing a room is now! We have some time before the bed arrives, giving us some wiggle room when it comes to pulling the boys' room together. One of the biggest things we have to do is merge all the boys' stuff, organizing Get the Scoop [...]
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First Day of School!

Finn's First Day of School
Finn started his second year of preschool on Tuesday! He’s super stoked about it, he really loves teachers, learning, and most of all, a nice steady schedule. We had a fun summer but I think he was getting a little bored of being around the house all the time and was ready to welcome a new adventure. He’s amped to discover new things and meet new friends. I’m excited for him, we know he’ll do great this year!

Yay Finn!

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Happy Birthday Gus!

Gus is 2 today! Yesterday we celebrated our happy (and newly mulletless) 2 year old with a BBQ in the backyard! I really can't believe that my little guy is 2. Just crazy. It was so much fun watching Gus enjoy his day. In our family, Finn's personality often overshadows Gus', and Gus spends most of his time in the shadow of his big bro and is actually perfectly happy playing that role. To see the spotlight solely on him yesterday afternoon was super special. Once Gus realized that he was the little dude of honor at the party -that the balloons cake and hot dogs were all for him- he basked in all the birthday glory. Of course, that was a tough pill for Finn to swallow, but he got over it. I mean, how could you not get over it when Gus needed his help operating a new remote control car? Finn was happy to assist and jumped right back in as the role of happy older brother, well versed in the art of being a kid. Happy Birthday Gus! We love you so much, and are so happy for you! Thanks to my awesome neighbor for contributing some of the photos in today's post Get the Scoop [...]
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Happy Birthday Finn!!!

Finn is 5!
Guys, my once-little-but-not-so-little-anymore baby is 5 today!!! We are celebrating by eating pancakes, playing Mario, meeting dad for lunch at the Mall of America, going on rides, playing more Mario and having a pool party with cake and ice cream in the backyard tonight.

Happy Birthday Finn! In my opinion you are one of the greatest kids ever made. You make all of my days better and I love you so mucho. Thanks for bringing so much happiness to my life, you really are the best!

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