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Mom’s Birthday Brunch

What better way to celebrate mom's birthday than a delicious brunch. I think we can all agree the breakfast is the best meal you could ever eat so I did it up big for mom's bday. Here's the stats:Homemade Coffee CakeCarmel Rolls from scratchEgg BakeFruitDelicious Bacon from Everett'sAnd Scoops Famous Potatoes Have you ever made coffee cake from scratch? This was my first, and I realize that there is no other way to have a coffee cake unless you bake it yourself. So GOOD! I followed this recipe READ MORE
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Happy Birthday Dad (aka Grrr-ampa)

It is well known rule of thumb that it never snows after my dad's birthday. I think this year we can safely say that will happen, so onward spring. To celebrate the big day I decided to whip this delicious chocolate (since cakes are my specialty and all, plus I love birthdays.) Like all good recipes, I found it here over at my favorite recipe gettin' place, I will forewarn you though that the frosting is pretty rich, but oh so deelisseoso, (that's how we say delicious at our house.)Woah READ MORE
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2009 Holiday Wrap-Up.

Alright, here it is, the entire month of December wrapped up in one tidy blog post. Let's start at the very beginning, FRIEND FEAST 09'. Believe it or not, Friend Feast starts with planning in late October, it's all a balancing act, who's sitting where?, what friend is bringing what meal?, do we have too many potatoes? Answer: Never. Truth: I DID IT.Jeff was a hero with helping me transform the living room into our feasting lair, but with much rearrangement and a few beers we accomplished a very READ MORE
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Flickr Find from howaboutorangeNicole and friends, don't you love this? I do. Nicole, I think you should consider it for your little ladies first b-day partay. Everyone else, this would be great for a bridal or baby shower OR it would even be cool as permanent decor. If I ever get to have a girl baby lady, I might make these for her nursery.Martha Stewart breaks it down here. READ MORE
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Flannel Fest 09′

This is the part of the blog where the mom's drink the beers. Last Saturday after bar close we had an impromptu flannel fest party which involved listening to every Nirvana record ever, wearing flannel and eating beef stew, just like every good grunge god did in the early 90's. There was also lots of air guitar, air bass and air drums that happened at this party READ MORE
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