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Basement Bathroom : Reveal!

Sorry for disappearing the last two weeks. I had a very thorough and detailed plan to get the bathroom completed, and this post was supposed to be making its debut much much sooner. That was until our house was ravaged by some ungodly disease that made gross stuff happen to your body (aka Norovirus). Let’s just say, that new toilet bowl and I have gotten to know each other pretty well, and I’m thankful it was brand new and clean and not grossing me out as much as the old one would have been. Can READ MORE
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Decked the Halls & A Giveway!

BROUGHT TO YOU IN PARTNERSHIP WITH BURKE DECOR We decided this year that we'd go all out on decorating our basement for the holidays instead of doing the main floor of the house as we normally do. I have to say I'm really excited about how the space all came together. I've put together a respectable collection of holiday decor over the years, and since a theme can change from year to year I have begun to get pretty neutral when purchasing seasonal decor. What do I mean by that? If it's READ MORE
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A Night In

This post is in partnership with Anolon for A Night In. Good evening Friends! If you frequent the cool interior blogs of the internet, you might remember this summer when a bunch of bloggers got together to post about their homes in the evenings (gasp, say what?). I know we are all used to seeing our favorite bloggers share light-filled, airy pics of their homes during the day, but definitely not during the night. Can you even imagine an interior decor pic without overcast sun light pouring READ MORE
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B(log)BQ with Weber, and an Ace Giveaway!

Hey guys! Did you know us Allens are the Kings and Queens of grilling and backyard parties, respectively? I'm sure you had no idea. Anyways, I know it's kinda cliche for dudes to be super into grilling and babes to be super into entertaining and throwing parties, and at our house we usually kind of pride ourselves on going against the gender role flow. But Jeff and I fall right into those stereotypes of grill master extraordinaire and hostess with the most-est, and we are damn good at it. I READ MORE
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Tips for Choosing Foundation Garden Plants

I took sometime to think about what I needed and came up with this basic plan (above) before I went out shopping. Alright, so my spreadsheet-obsessed-husband is rubbing off on me, I've been wanting to put a 'zone 4' plant database together, including all of the crucial info such as their height, width, color, water needs, sun needs, etc. Guess what you guys? Monrovia already did that! I actually spent quite a bit of time looking through plant catalog using their database, you can find it READ MORE
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