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Gardening Basics : Installing a Garden Bed

I'm back to share with you today my method for adding garden beds to my yard. When I moved into my house there were absolutely no garden beds - I mean none! I've installed and planted all the gardens on my own over the last 4 years. I've gotten pretty familiar with installing garden beds and have a bit of a standard routine I use. I wanted to share it with you guys. I know when I started gardening I had no idea what I was doing, and it took a lot of trial and error to "figure" it out, I'm still learning. Sometimes not knowing how to initiate a new project can be debilitating, especially when it comes to first-time gardening. I hope some of this info can give a few of the confidence to try it out on your own. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to answer them. 1 Determine the Shape of Your Garden I usually spend a lot of time planning and determining the shape of my gardens. It usually starts with a sketch on a piece of paper and after thinking about it for awhile, maybe even weeks, I'll start to lay it out in real life. I've had a general plan for this garden for over two years, you need a plan before you start. Then you need to really visualize it - what do I have that's long and flexible and works as a good visual representative? Well a hose of course. Yes, I usually layout all my plans with my trusty garden hose. If a hose isn't your thing, try a little spray paint. 2 Dig out a Trench around the Border Once I finalize my layout and plans for the garden, Get the Scoop [...]
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Woven Macramé Chair Tutorial

Guys! It's like DIY project week around here. Two tutorials in one week, that's like super crazy. If you've had any trouble viewing the blog this week, I apologize. My host's server was down and it was causing my site to load very slowly - because of this I've been not been able to reply to comments. It should be better now, so please check out the Trellis tutorial and giveaway from earlier this week if you haven't already. I'm really excited to share with you an updated version of the Macrame Chair Tutorial that I originally posted two summers ago. I was def lacking on details last time I shared this project, I guess I didn't realize so many of you would be in to learning the ways of my macramé secrets. I thought I'd fill you in, giving you all the details! While I was planning the tutorial it just so happened that Mollie Makes Magazine asked me to feature the same project. The chair was published in issue #40 last month! It was such a thrill to be in a real deal magazine - cool times. You can find the pattern I used for the project right here. Supply List (Supplies for Woven Macrame Lawn Chair) Aluminum chair frame 200 yards of 6mm Macrame Cord (I used 100 yards grey, 50 yards green, 25 yards pink, 25 yards yellow) 2 Crochet Hooks Size Q   Tip: Keep your skein of cord under the chair. It will make weaving much easier.   1 Tie Cord in a Square Knot Face the chair from the front left side. Tie a square knot around the left side of the front bar. 2 Create Get the Scoop [...]
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Hey Guys! It’s Monday. I know, sometimes Monday’s are the worst, but I’m hoping that this post will bring a cool vibe to the beginning of yer weeks. Today I’ve got a really awesome DIY to share with you and a super sweet BLACK+DECKER AutoSense cordless drill giveaway! I spent the afternoon yesterday building a trellis-planter-box combo for our backyard. Some of you know that I’ve been trying to pretty up the concrete pad that we recently enclosed when we installed our new fence. The kids play back there all the time – which is fantastic – but the space needs a little softening up. I thought a planter box with trellis would be a good solution as it would help add height and greenery without taking up valuable play space. It’s also on casters so it can be moved easily if needed. Word up to thinking ahead! Supply List (Supplies for Trellis & Planter Box) 5 - 2" x 8" x 32" Douglas Fir Boards 4 - 2" x 8" x 10.25" Douglas Fir Boards 14 - 1" x 2" x 32' Strips 2 - 1" x 2" x 64" Strips 4 -2" x 2" x 12" Strip 1 Box 1-1/4" Screws 1 Box 2-1/4" Screws A set of 4 Rubber Casters BLACK+DECKER AutoSense Lithium Drill Drill Bits Stain 1 Attach four 2 x 2 x 12" posts to one 2 x 8 x 32" board Attach the four 12″ post to each of the corners. Drill pilot holes through the bottom of the long board and into the posts, then attach with a 2-1/4″ screw. 2 Attach boards to create a box Begin to attach the boards, start by drilling pilot holes through the board into Get the Scoop [...]
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Hey Guys! It's finally feeling like spring is happening here in the midwest. Trees are budding, grass is greening up and everyday I spy more and more plants in my yard that are poking through the dirt. It's all really exciting, and is by far my favorite time of year. Finn and I have been planning an addition to our raised bed veggie garden for months. We've been waiting weeks for the weather to turn so that we can build it. Finally, that day has come! We spent all of the day yesterday outside building our new raised bed garden! Two years ago we built our first raised bed garden on the side of our house. Since then we have become much better gardeners and have learned a lot about what grows well in our tiny space and what we like to eat. We finally felt like we were ready for an expansion, adding more leafy greens and trying to grow some french fries (aka potatoes) for the first time. Supply List (Supplies for 2' x 8' Raised Bed Garden) 2 - 2" x 6" x 8' Cedar Boards 2 - 2" x 6" x 2' Cedar Boards 32 - Screws Drill Bits Rubber Mallet 4 - Burpee Pivot Corners Level Square Shovel Edger 4 - 40lb Bags of Top Soil 4 - 40lb Bags of Compost 1 Large Bag of Peat Moss This is the second time we have used pivoting corners to build our gardens. Now you could just skip this using 2x2 boards to square off your garden but I think the pivot corners are really great for a few reasons. Firstly, you can angle your garden, not everything has to be square people! Our first garden angles and follows Get the Scoop [...]
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Fixing Stuff your Friends Break

It's a rule of thumb around our house that there is always a hidden cost to hosting a party, one that you won't discover until sometime late in the evening, usually when one of your over imbibed friends is stumbling around telling you how much they love you. Last week, when we hosted our big holiday party "Friend Feast", my beloved Eames chair was the unknowing price of admission to this par-tay. The chair is a vintage Eames and the shock mounts are old and brittle. It was bound to happen at some point - maybe not as dramatically as it did happen, but the mounts were destined to break eventually. I didn't know at first how exactly I was going to repair the chair, for a day or two I was convinced it was a goner, and I was mourning it's loss as it was one of a pair of chairs. Then by some miracle, I found this little shop on ebay, Special K Products, that make replacement shock mounts. Blamo, I was in business. For less than $35 I had ordered myself up 4 mounts and an epoxy kit. I was able to find a few more references (here & here) on the big old web and in to time I was ready to fix this chair and get it ready for its next encounter with a drunken friend. Unfortunately, when the party pal fell out of the chair, the dowel frame base was bent too. I was worried that this was not going to be as cheap as a fix, I almost purchased a new base, when I decided to give it the old college try and bend it back. The worst that could happen was that I break the dowels, and then I'd be replacing it anyways. With some Get the Scoop [...]
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