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Planting a Tree

Hey guys! We did some adding and subtracting in the yard over the weekend. We added a new tree and removed an old concrete column that was located at the base of our back stairs. I had the luxury of having a broken hand and wrist, so I couldn't help out (it killed me). My kid, my neighbor and my husband jumped in to plant a new tree in our backyard - aren't they some good dudes, er what? Why do we need a new tree? Simple, to create more privacy. We have a rental on the side of our house READ MORE
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Hello all you wonderful people! In case you haven't noticed it, it's totally spring now! That means there is lots of work to do to get your yard in tip-top shape. Are you feeling hungry to get out in the yard on these warm spring days? Take advantage of that ambition and use it your benefit before the dog days set in and drinking in your backyard outweighs any desire to mow, mulch or edge your yard. The key to having a green, manicured and tyte lawn is to prep your yard in the spring and fall READ MORE
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Alright pals - as promised here it is, Part 2 of my photography posts. If you missed it, you can find Part 1 right here where I cover tips for setting up and styling the shot. Okay, onward! Today I'll be sharing my photoshop techniques. This is where the photo really comes to life. Before we dive into that, let's talk about a few quick things. I thought I should probably share a little about my gear. I use a Canon 7D camera, and I have an assortment of three go-to lenses. The first READ MORE
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Adding a Record Stop to Basic Shelves

I'm dedicating this post to all the folks out there who use Expedit (or the newer Kallax) Ikea shelves to store their record collection. For us, these bookshelves have been terrific for our records, they fit the height of a record nearly perfectly and are able to hold a lot of records. We've had our shelving system for 5 years, and there has been no warping or sagging - this seems impossible but I think the geniuses at Ikea probably did some sort of math and calculated the perfect amount of spacing READ MORE
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Last July, my internet pal, Dana over at House*Tweaking sent me an e-mail asking for some tips on taking interior photographs. First of all let me say, I don't think she be needing any tips, but because she asked I obliged and let her know a few of the simple rules I follow. She followed up thanking me for the info and encouraging me write a blog post, and I said "yeah, good idea, I should do that soon". Well my friends, it's March, you guys, M-A-R-C-H and I haven't gotten around to writing about READ MORE
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