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DIY Light Fixture : Brass Sconce

Dudez, ever since I made my first swing arm lamp last year I've been kind of obsessed with making my own lighting. I have now made three pieces for my home, and a few for some friends. Over the next couple-a-weeks, I wanted to share with you guys the light fixtures, including a parts list and some brief instructions. I have to say this because "DUR", but electrify at your own risk, bros. If you don't know lighting basics - STOP - don't do this. Please, only use a licensed electrician. I've READ MORE
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Easy Target Hack

Hey Guys! Here is a quick post that I wanted to share regarding this bentwood lamp from Target. The table lamps are on clearance right now for $30 bucks, and they are super easy to transform into sconces - in case you be needing a bentwood sconce. I just grabbed my jigsaw and chopped the bottom right off! After chopping the base off the lamps, I used a countersink drill bit to make a flush hole in the shank, and then screwed them directly to the wall. The sconces flank my vestibule and I READ MORE
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DIY Plywood Hanging Planter

Hey Guys! I found myself getting uncharacteristically crafty this week when I was coming up with low cost ways to add some hanging planters to the front porch. Last summer I made a few macrame hanging baskets for the space (which I still love) but I wanted something for the other end of the porch because of my plant hoarding problem and all. Also, I think I'm finally recovering from the crazy amount of work I had to do in the basement and am feeling very, very ready to take on small easy projects READ MORE
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House Plants : Maidenhair Fern

Hello cool people of the internet! So, you guys seemed pretty into this house plants idea, which is awesome because I really wanted to do it! It's tons of fun for me, not only do I have a good time photographing and writing about plants, it also gets me amped for spring. This week has been kinda nuts, but I can just tell spring is coming! I mentioned it instagram last week, but both my boys injured their appendages and I spent a lot of hours in the urgent care getting them fixed up. Young READ MORE
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House Plants : Oxalis

Whazzup! I thought it might be cool to do this thing where I share with you guys my favorite house plants. What da ya think? I know a lot of people feel intimated by plants, but I don't think a brown thumb should be anything that prevents someone from trying. I've killed so many plants in my day, and I'm sure I have more to kill in my future. I always see it as a learning experience; did I give a plant too much water, not enough sun, etc. Then I replace it and move on, taking what I've learned READ MORE
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