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Fixing Stuff your Friends Break

It's a rule of thumb around our house that there is always a hidden cost to hosting a party, one that you won't discover until sometime late in the evening, usually when one of your over imbibed friends is stumbling around telling you how much they love you. Last week, when we hosted our big holiday party "Friend Feast", my beloved Eames chair was the unknowing price of admission to this par-tay. The chair is a vintage Eames and the shock mounts are old and brittle. It was bound to happen at some point - maybe not as dramatically as it did happen, but the mounts were destined to break eventually. I didn't know at first how exactly I was going to repair the chair, for a day or two I was convinced it was a goner, and I was mourning it's loss as it was one of a pair of chairs. Then by some miracle, I found this little shop on ebay, Special K Products, that make replacement shock mounts. Blamo, I was in business. For less than $35 I had ordered myself up 4 mounts and an epoxy kit. I was able to find a few more references (here & here) on the big old web and in to time I was ready to fix this chair and get it ready for its next encounter with a drunken friend. Unfortunately, when the party pal fell out of the chair, the dowel frame base was bent too. I was worried that this was not going to be as cheap as a fix, I almost purchased a new base, when I decided to give it the old college try and bend it back. The worst that could happen was that I break the dowels, and then I'd be replacing it anyways. With some Get the Scoop [...]
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DIY Modern Macrame Hanging Planter

Hello Friends! I don't know if you remember me sharing, but I wanted my new kitchen to have lots and lots of plants in it. I was envisioning shelves in front of the pantry window filled with lush greenery. That was a great idea and all, until I installed my first window shelf, and realized I hadn't thought this through all the way. With even the most narrow shelves installed my cabinet doors could only open a few inches. Sometimes ideas just don't turn out the way you hoped they would. I wasn't going to take no for an answer on this though, I wanted needed plants in my kitchen! Time to get crafty and figure out another way to add greenery to my kitchen without taking up counter or floor space. I bring to you the macrame hanging planter - the new more modern version that is. I'm not gonna lie, I have a ton of love for that old 70's macrame, but I wasn't looking for that in my kitchen. I wanted a hanging basket, but I wanted it to not look dusty, old and gross. Instead of using your standard macrame cord I tried something new and ordered up some nylon paracord. I liked the clean look of the paracord, plus it has some elasticity to it, which I think lends itself well to this type of application. This project was really simple, after my supplies arrived in the mail it only took me an hour to put together, totally free style, dawgz. Basically you are making a simple net that a planter rests in. I really like the results, especially the wood beads. The beads look good with all the butcher block and cutting boards Get the Scoop [...]
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DIY Footed Cutting Board

Hey guys! I wanted to share this easy DIY cutting board post with you! I happened to have extra butcher block left over from my cabinet install that I did last week. It was obvious that I could make some pretty tyte cutting boards with the scraps and I quickly went to town. After making my first cutting board, I thought, this could be a really easy holiday gift for any of you out there, to make for all your buds. I'm making a few for mine, but shhh, don't tell 'em. Anyway, I thought I'd share with you my technique for this really easy project. The cutting board turned out really nice, and adds a lot of natural texture to my kitchen. I've been using it all the time, and now I have a dedicated chopping area. The awesome thing is, it only took me half an hour to construct, and it looks super nice, I might even dare to say... store bought. Like I said, I had extra butcher block laying around, but if you don't just happen to be in the midst of a kitchen reno project, you could easily pick some up at Ikea. I did the math, and if you were to chop down a standard Ikea butcher block countertop you'd have yourself at least 5 footed cutting boards, for less than a $100 buckaroos. That's $20 a board you guys, and the best part is, you made it yourself.   Supplies Supply List Pencil Tape Measure or Ruler Drill bits in 1/8, 3/16 & 5/16 sizes Screws - I used #8 1.25" screws Sander 100 and 220 grit sand paper Butcher Block oil such as Linseed Butcher block cut to 13" x Get the Scoop [...]
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Tips on How to Paint Vintage Paneled Cabinets

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Framing Photo Booth – Photo Strips

Hey guys, I thought I'd take a sec and share this easy little trick I figured out for framing photo booth photos. It's not rocket science, but it makes framing photos super easy, and quick. I've had photo booth photos framed in my living room for a long time, I've moved them around from apartment to apartment and now they make their home near my sofa where I can look at them all the time. I love what they add to the room; from far away they are super graphic, and then, upon closer inspection, they are fun and iconic as eff. Who doesn't love a photo booth photo, seriously? Recently we ran into some photo booths at the state fair and took full advantage - taking tons and tons of photos. All these new photo strips made me get to thinking, and I realized I better change out some of those older photos (especially the ones featuring cigarettes) and sub 'em in for the newer, more family friendly pics.   Photo Strips I love having photos of my closest bros all around me, but ran into the dilema of how does one frame a bunch of photo booth photos and not have it look junky. Then, I realized that grouping them together and framing them with a nice matte would give them that polished-not-so-junky look. Hold up! Then I thought about that, and imagined framing skinny little photo strips in a big matte would be a headache in the making. Then I got smart. First things first, you're gonna need a frame. I purchased my frame at Target, it's the Room Essentials brand, found here.I really like Get the Scoop [...]
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