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Fall Window Boxes

I just updated my window boxes for the fall and I wanted to share! After years of trying to manage this whole window box situation I think I am finally getting a knack for it. I’ve decided that there should never be an empty window box — ever. Believe me, this can be a difficult thing to accomplish living in an extreme temperature climate. I try and plan ahead, choosing a color palette for the spring to fall season and choosing plants that will transition from one season to the next.

I’ve decide that this year my color palette was going to revolve mostly around purple (’cause Prince). Picking a color palette is the number one thing you can do to keep your window box game strong while being kind to your wallet. My spring and summer window boxes were full of different varieties and shapes of foliage, it’s not always about the blooms. For the spring and early summer months petunias were the star, while in the late summer months the coleus took over, all the while having monthly showings from alyssum. Now that it’s fall I have removed all the dead petunias and added kale, mums and pansies to the mix. I also harvested potato vines from some of my backyard planters and added those to the boxes as well. I got thrifty and trimmed back all of my autumn joy sedum and tucked them in the planters – which adds a nice bit of light pink color. I expect that the sedum should hold up pretty well as they are hearty and dry out nicely. With regular watering the boxes should last for the next 4-6 week. When the weather gets cold I’ll cover them at nights, and then eventually I’ll have to give into winter and planning for my winter window boxes, but let’s not talk about that yet.

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My Work Space : Part II

Sunporch turned Workspace | Deuce Cities Henhouse
Hey-O! Hope you guys have all had a good start to your week. We are just recovering from our epic weekend in Las Vegas, where we wrapped up what might amount to one of the best three days period ever. We had the privilege to see The Killers at the Sam’s Town Casino and Gambling Hall, where they celebrated the ten year anniversary of their sophomore album Sam’s Town, by preforming Sam’s Town live front-to-back, talk about meta. We were some of the lucky ones who were able to witness both nights, and it was insane. Like next level, awesomely mind-blowing amazing, sing-along and dance-your-butt-off wonderfulness. I will be replaying it’s magnificence in my head for weeks and weeks to come. Sorry if I was too annoying about my fanboy-ness over on my instagram.

Anyways, back to the stuff you check in on me for. I wanted to share more of the sunroom turned my new workspace. As I mentioned in Part I of this post, I have taken over the sunroom as my new office, and so far it has been working out as the ideal space. I shared the desk corner last week, and this week I’d like to share the storage area where I keep my excessive amounts of inspiration, design tools and camera gear organized. The fauxdenza was pre existing, if you’ve been reading for a long time, you’ll remember it was an essential piece of furniture needed to offset the slanted floor. The sunroom at one time was a sleeping porch, and like so many 100 year old porches, the floors were sloped to run-off rain water that the porch may have been susceptible to during big storms. It has since been closed in and made into a all season sunroom, but the pitched floor still remains.

The floating Ikea cabinets (aka fauxdenza) make for a perfect home for magazines, and tools that I use on the daily. The far left cabinets are used to store away my tripod, camera, and camera accessories. I keep my ungodly amount of magazines organized by using vertical file storage that I snatched from Ikea, they are super cheap (4.99 a 2 pack) and tidy up my many piles of magazines.

I need music while I work, it is a constant whether it’s this Crosley record player, spotify on the compu-tron, or on my Tivoli radio, there is always something happening. I also need lots of seating options! I usually move back and forth between the desk and the sofa as I work, when I’m writing I feel like it comes more naturally if I am chilling on the sofa, just pour me a tumbler of bourbon and I turn into a creative genius, I’m a real Don Draper over here #jokes.

Fauxdenza, keeping it all organized

Creative Space Organization

Ikea Magazine Files - 4.99 for 2

Sunporch turned Workspace | Deuce Cities Henhouse

Birdie the Maine Coon

Crosley Record Player

Sunporch turned Workspace | Deuce Cities Henhouse



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Cool Alert : Ikea Svärtan

New at Ikea : Svärtan
I stopped dead in my tracks during a quick trip to the Ikea marketplace last week. Uh, there was a display of all these wonderful textiles and patterns, I had to touch and look at everything, and swooped up a few things for the house. This is the new Ikea collection, Svärtan (aka Darkness!), designed by Martin Bergström and Indian fashion students in New Delhi.

Inspired by the everyday textures and pattern found in India, Bergström wanted to create an interpretation of India that was different than the way it was “perceived in the West as colorful, golden and shiny”. The New Delhi students form The National Institute of Fashion Technology, workshopped with Bergström creating a poetic abstract designs based on unexpected pattern and texture found in the city.

I am entranced with the organic mood of this entire collection, and I don’t even know why because it’s kind of out of my norm to be so goth. Anyways, just thought I’d point it out, might be worth a trip to the old ‘kea.

In other news, I am about to head out on the most epic journey! I have a back-to-back date night set with my favorite guys, ⚡ The Killers ⚡ to celebrate their ten year anniversary of the Sam’s Town album, in fabulous Las Vegas, NV. You may never see me again because I might die.

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My Work Space : Part I

My Home Office | Deuce Cities Henhouse
Last week I shared some cool office stuff that I had been eyeing on the internet and elsewhere. I’m just putting the finishing touches on my sunroom turned creative work space, and I’m really excited about how it’s all coming together! As I said in the last post, I needed a place to work in my house, and since options were v limited it came down to commandeering the sunroom because it was the least disruptive to the flow of the house. Plus, the sunroom was practically move-in-ready, it made the perfect home office in waiting.

The sunroom did have the benefit of being a chill, sunny and inspiring space to begin with. I just took it to a more productive level. I replaced the bookshelf under the window with a larger simple pine plank, giving me more space to spread out. I need constant reminders of the task on hand, so having the small but very functional magnetic blackboard hanging between the windows has been crucial. I’m a writer downer and a line-crosser-outter, so this has been very essentch tool for me. I also added a bit of cool pretty stuff, like that tape measure, which was brass until I threw a coat of copper spray on it, because copper is my thing right now. Ikea had a bunch of stuff I had never seen before including the tape dispenser, paper clips and these black gel pens that I love writing with. Ikea, thank you, you never disappoint me. I also made a quick little cord keeper to keep my tech gear organized. The copper clips didn’t open wide enough to clip onto the 3/4″ wood plank, so I just glued them up with some all purpose glue. Easy peasy.

The chair I stole from the front porch, since we’ll be buttoning that up for the winter pretty soon, I didn’t feel too bad about taking it. I do long for the day where every room will just be happily furnished and I won’t have to always be stealing from them. Hopefully by next spring I can find a nice office chair (fingers crossed that it is the one I mentioned in this post) or something nearly as awesome.

I’ll be sharing more very soon. There is a whole other corner of this little space where I hide away all my magazines, paint decks and camera gear. It’s cool too! Once it’s organized and cleaned up, I’ll snap a few pics and share with yas.

Round Magnetic Chalk Board

Using Paper Clips to Wrangle Cords

Home Creative Space | Deuce Cities Henhouse

Home Creative Space | Deuce Cities Henhouse

Crystals and Candles for a chill work space

Copper Tape Measure and Square Paper Clips

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Office Gear for My Office

Guysers! I’m excited about this post because it’s about an office, and I have one of those now! I’ve been carving out a spot in our house for a real home office, I need a work space now that I’ll be blogging way more often. Did you hear that? I’ll be blogging tons now, I’m going for it! I’ve been able to post a lot more the last few weeks, which has been feeling incredibly awesome to do. I hope you guys are enjoying the extra posts as well. It’s almost the most cliché thing I could say, but I feel like a new person now that I have time to dedicate to doing something that I truly love and enjoy. My kids are cool and all, but being creative and working is what makes me tick. I’ve also been putting the finishing touches on a business idea that I’ve been exploring the past few months, more on that in coming weeks though.

I’ve decided that my work base will be in the upstairs sunroom, it’s a good quiet place with lots of chill vibes. The sunroom has always been one of my favorite spaces in the house, I like being around all my plants, and it’s bright and sunny, which I think will do wonders for my state of mind in the winter months. In case you’re not familiar with this space, it’s a small four season porch right off our master bedroom and had been functioning as a place for us to unwind, consume a cocktail or two, and watch some of the old idiot box at the end of a day. The thing is though, we haven’t used it for doing anything at all since we finished the basement last summer (which has a much bigger and louder tv). I also considered using the guest bedroom as an office because it’s bigger, but I’d still like to reserve that room for down the road when the boys might decide they want to have separate bedrooms.

I’ve been spending some time this week making the space conducive for intense blogging seshes. I set up a new larger desk (aka plank of wood), got myself a black board for my daily to-do lists, definitely smudged some crystals, lit a candle once or twice, and bought a bunch of ridiculously pretty and unnecessary office items like those copper paper clips and a brass tape measure (seen above). I’m realizing that no matter how absurd, having a pretty work space really does matter. Didn’t know it, now I do. I’ll be sharing more next week.



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