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Cabin Update : Bunk Room

This post is in partnership with Beddy's Hey Guyses! Hope all is well in the new year! Things are starting off with a bang around here, and I'm ready to hit the ground running! I'll fill you in on my next post, but I'm ready to get back at a more reg blogging schedule. More on that soon :) Last week, I ran up to the cabin for an overnight for the soul purpose of taking photos to share with READ MORE
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Cabin Ideas : The Bunkroom

Happy Holidays, Team! So glad I was able to click “Publish” on this. I have at least three different posts in the works and I haven’t been able to pull the trigger on a single one of ’em. I think part of the reason for my “writer’s block” is that my brain is overwhelmed with ideas, I’ve found it hard to focus. Thankfully (aren’t you just soooo thankful?), I was able to sit down READ MORE
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Cabin Update : The Kitchen

Hello, budz! It’s so weird writing posts without having the luxury of easily photographing the subject. We have such limited time at the cabin, that when I’m there, project time is strictly for projects and chill time is strictly for chilling. Get it? I bring you my best stab at on-the-fly documentation! I took the photos for this post within a matter of minutes while the fam was waiting for READ MORE
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Is it an Office or a Music Room?

Hey-O! How's everybody doing out there? Things are pretty good here! The kids are getting really good at playing Minecraft and eating junk, I really couldn't be prouder. Meanwhile, The husband and I are figuring out our groove now that he's working from home. He's been very busy, and it makes me feel like a big slacker - like I'd give up my afternoon nap just cuz he's around. Anywho, we are READ MORE
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Cabin Update

Hey Team! I’ve been meaning to blog so many times lately, but I just couldn’t get it together to do it. Earlier this year I decided to only write and work on the blog when I really truly felt inspired to, and I didn’t like the stress I was putting on myself to share a certain amount of times a week. I wanted to be more present in the day-to-day, which made me realize that blogging is only really READ MORE
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