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Window Cleaning!

Window Cleaning 101 | Deuce Cities Henhouse

Guys! I’m gonna share a secret, the one thing you can do to improve your homes interior during the winter months, is make sure to give your windows (storms too) a good cleaning before it gets too cold.

Simple Steps for Window Cleaning | Deuce Cities Henhouse

Although there are many different brands of window cleaner and a lot of DIY window natural window cleaning recipes, I prefer to use a few spritz’ of Windex with Vinegar. I just discovered it a few years back and it has changed my window cleaning life.

Simple Steps for Window Cleaning | Deuce Cities Henhouse

Use the soft side of a sponge to help to knock off stuck on dirt and grime, and eliminate finger prints.

Simple Steps for Window Cleaning | Deuce Cities Henhouse

There are as many squeegee methods as the day is long. I like to work top to bottom, left to right. Make sure you have good contact with the blade and pull down at a 45º angle.

Simple Steps for Window Cleaning | Deuce Cities Henhouse

It’s imperative that you wipe the blade clean using a lint free cloth between swipes. This will prevent drips or lint from the blade making its way onto your newly cleaned window.
Our house has exterior storm windows which help with drafts in the winter. I like to remove the storm windows first, then move outside to clean the exterior side of the windows. Inside, I’ll clean the interior windows, and then finish by cleaning both sides of each storm window.

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Truth : Dark Walls Luv Unpainted Woodwork

Dark Walls Compliment Unpainted Natural Woodwork | Deuce Cities Henhouse

Hey my friends! As promised, I painted the DR and I am super happy with the way it turned out! I wish I would’ve done it long ago, but sometimes it just takes time to realize what is best for a space. It started to click for me after I began to understand what a dramatic change dark paint in the entry way has made, I should’ve probably realized it sooner considering our living room is v dark and I have always loved it. I think I was holding out hope that I could pull off bright and airy, and possibly white everything. Dark however can be dramatic and light plays so nicely with it, dare I say it can be nearly as friendly to light as white walls can. I don’t think the room looks any smaller either, if anything it’s larger because now it feels unified with the living room, it feels like two defined spaces sharing one larger space.

Can I just take a sec to say how much decorating my home has been a process, a really enjoyable process. I can’t expect everything to come together perfectly all at once, it just takes time for all those ideas and concepts to stew.

Try not to pay attention to all the details, because there is still lots more to do in the dining room (these are just some hasty snaps). I am going to reupholster the dining chairs in a white fabric (I think). I also might have ordered a rug that is on sale, I just wanted to see what it looks like in the space, if it’s a grand slam, I’ll keep it, otherwise it will be returned. I’ll share once it comes in! I don’t have the budget right now to replace the curtain rods and curtains to match those in the living room, so I just painted them brass-ish with this metallic spray paint, and I think it turned out pretty well considering it was a $5 fix.

I’m also playing around with the idea of painting the living room one shade darker. It’s hard to tell in these photos because of the time of day, but the sun coming in through the south windows (the big bay in the dining room and the window behind the sofa in the living room) in the afternoon really brightens the teal color and makes it seem more saturated (which I am not in to). I’d like the paint color to be darker and more muted, and if I can find the perfect shade of paint, I don’t think it will effect the dark moody morning and evening vibe that I love so much.

Dark Walls Compliment Unpainted Natural Woodwork | Deuce Cities Henhouse

Dark Walls Compliment Unpainted Natural Woodwork | Deuce Cities Henhouse

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Thinking About : My Living Room

Okay, the fall dreaming is becoming a reality. I’m just about to throw on my painting garb and head downstairs to put my first coat of nearly-black-paint on the walls in the DR. I’ll be using the same color (Behr paint matched to Ace’s Arabian Night) that I used in the entry way and in the kitchen/mudroom. I’m really excited to see how all the spaces will start to come together and relate to one another. None of the rooms on the main floor will have full floor to ceiling black walls, and I think because of this, it won’t seem overpowering or redundant. I think.

I’ve mocked up a few more pics, I wanted to see what the color would look like against the dark teal living room walls and dining room built-in buffet. When making design decisions I usually mock up a space in either photoshop or sketchup depending on the size of the project. It really helps me make better decisions.

One thing I’ve always wondered about. What do I do with the ceilings, ideally I would knock down the popcorn texture, but I’m in no rush to do that. What color do I paint them? I always have done white, as I feel it helps to bounce light around the room, but is there supposed to be some sort of magical formula for this. Help a woman out!

Jeff may have given me the okay on purchasing two of those blush chairs that I mentioned in last weeks post. Target was running a sale last weekend, spend $500 you save $150, so how could I not do it! The chairs are online only, and I’m a bit concerned about the size and color. Fingers crossed that they will be perfect. Also they are on backorder and won’t be arriving till mid November. Until then, I paint.

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Thinking About : My Dining Room

I’m back to my seasonal need to tweak everything inside the house. This happens every fall, it’s that whole nesting thing. Our time outdoors is limited, daylight is waning, and we begin to nestle into our winter ways (I’m so damn poetic today). We spend a lot more time in the living room, even eating meals at the dining room table (novel huh?). It’s nearly impossible for my mind not to wander when it comes to re-decorating these spaces.

The dining room has never been a space that I’ve felt overly confident or proud of. I’ve had to really suss out inspiration and blindly find a cohesive design from the jump. Pins for dining rooms featuring dark wood paneled walls, built-in buffets (done in a style that appears to be a mashup of craftsman and late victorian eras), and mid-century modern furniture are few in far between.

I’ve realized over the years that if I’m going to embrace this wood trim on our main floor that I need to go dark with the wall color, seriously, it seems to be what works the best. Believe me, I’ve tried everything. I would love for it all to be white, but it always seems forced. Dark walls just seem right in the space. Plus going dark has the added benny of being v cozy in the winter time.

My main concern is that dark walls paired with lots of paneling and woodwork tend to feel a bit more refined and grown up, both things are not really words you would use to describe me or my style. Herein lies the problem, figuring out how to put my personal chill into these adult rooms.

We’ve really embraced white walls and a much more Scandinavian-inspired-cabin-style in the rest of the home and it seems to work really well in this old house. I still hang on to a few mid-century pieces that I love, a lot of black and white textures (especially with throws and pillows) and a high repetition of brass and copper metallic accents. I also reiterate dark blues everywhere (if you haven’t noticed) and sprinkle in some blush tones now and again. Our bedroom for example is really comfortable, light and airy, and the copper peonies wallpaper does a good job of making it more mature. It’s heavier on the scandinavian and light on the grown up. I think I need to reverse the ratios for the living and dining room so they feel like the more casual areas of our home, but just opposite. More refined and moody, with a heavy hand when it comes to dark cool tones and blush colors, sprinkle in hints of graphic pattern, metallics, and then add lots of little references to Scandinavian sensibility in the accessories. Does that make sense?

Current Look
White Walls
Dark Walls

Do you guys see what I’m saying? It’s just fine in its current state, but it’s not as cohesive with the rest of the house. I think I’m ready to be over the green and blue floral print I upholstered the dining room chairs in. I love white walls in general, and the grey walls are nice and play well with the dark teal in the living room, but it just doesn’t have the same feel as a deep dark color like black does in this space. I love what a blush rug might do to anchor the dining room as well — it’s probably something that would have to wait, but I really like the idea of it. I think I’m on the right track, but this whole house has been a design mystery for me since day one, revealing little clues along the way. While I wait for my bathroom supplies to be delivered I’ll keep thinking about this space and maybe I can start to incorporate some of these new ideas sooner than later.

I am a fall dreamer.

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New Stuff @ Target


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Hey Pals! Can we talk for a sec about how Target is ruling this shit right now! Holy smokes, this new stuff that’s coming out this fall is on point. You make Minneapolis look good, Target.

So I thought I’d share a few of the items I’ve had my eyeballs on as of late. First of all, that pink chair! I’ll take two for the living room, please and thank ya. Actually, scratch that, I’ll take that whole upper left hand section for my living room. I love it all! That black and white striped throw with the tassels would make my B&W obsessch a little more refined and grown up. They’ve got tons of good vessels, I’ve nearly bought that black vase (in the middle) 10 times, I might wait it out and see if it makes it to clearance. I grabbed the braided Nate Berkus bucket (num 9) last week, and I put my fiddle leaf fig in it. The fig was one that I had adopted from my mom, it came with a green ceramic planter that wasn’t cutting the mustard, so I plopped it in that woven tote — I’m sure also good for storing throws and other cozy items. For anyone who wants the look of a mid century planter, but doesn’t want to pay all the bucks for it, Target has come up with an affordable options, just half a benjamin and you can take this one home. Uh, those rose colored barstools are the best, if only I had a need. They also have that same color in their other metal chairs (arm and reg), and I am kinda thinking they would be great for a patio, or something like that. Look! Another soft vessel for putting things in (num 18)! I bought the ivory version of the felt bucket last year and I kinda want to get this dark charcoal one this year. The kids kinda destroyed the other one, they used it as a boat(?) and drug each other around the basement in it. Anyways, still a good buy if your kids aren’t crazy animals. Totally getting that plaid sherpa throw (num 20), we bought two last winter they were in the buffalo check (which I totally prefer) but they were the coziest things ever, we seriously fought over them.

Yeah guys, do yourself a favor and check this stuff out, and someone get me two of those pink arm chairs, I’m not kidding (Jeff)!

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