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My July Garden

Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea

I can not even believe that it’s time to share my July Garden. Holy smokes, what a summer! It’s especially been a great summer for the kids, which is what I had hoped for, I think they’ve enjoyed it, and I feel insane. Like I’ve said, August is gonna rip in the not-having-much-to-do department.

My goal for this years gardening season was to focus on having more late summer blooming flowers, and I think I’ve done a pretty good job of doing just that. There is always tweaking that needs to be done, but it feels like it’s getting there. Last year I planted two Clematis on the fence hoping to fill in the gaps where we can see clearly into the neighbors yard. Last year the Clematis bloomed once and then nothing, I was disappointed because it was advertised as a continuous bloomer. This year the Clematis bloomed in the spring and then nothing, and I was bummed yet again. Hold up! Just this week I noticed that they are re-blooming, uh, Yay-yer! Also, as a note to myself : Scoops, one of your Clematis is struggling, so make sure not to pull it out this fall or next spring, k?

I added a climbing rose to the garden which I am super excited about. I planted it near our Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea tree, and am hoping to train it to grow back along the fence. We have a concrete pad near our garage and there isn’t much dirt-for-growing-things available along the fence because of it, so I’m really hoping this rose does the task of filling in. The rose will be most prolific in the mid-late spring and then will re-bloom sporadically throughout the summer. Oh, and did I mention that it has the prettiest light peach colored flowers?

I also planted some Astilbe, this will be my second attempt at growing Astilbe in my garden, I don’t know what I am doing wrong, but they just don’t seem happy in my yard. I planted 5 new plants, three of which are this barely pink Delft Lace variety and two of which are a smaller raspberry colored variety. All of the plants leaves are browning and curling and I think they all hate me. I guess we’ll see what next spring brings. If they do come back, they will be blooming in July and August, and that would be great for me.


Globe amaranth & Kangaroo Paw

Because of the photoshoot earlier in July, I had the luxury of planting quite a few different types of annuals in the gardens to add some color where it was lacking. One of my favorite combinations is right on the corner of the garage, and consists of two of these light pink Kangaroo Paw and one Globe Amaranth. I purchased the plants right at the end of annual season and got everything 50% off. I’ll have to remember that for next year, because I really like the look of these two right here in this spot.




Sun Garden

I’ve been especially good when it comes to watering this year, and it shows.


Deft Lace Astilbe w/ Climbing Rose


Japanese Painted Fern



First of the season.


Alley Zinnias

I’ve started planting my Zinnias out by the Alley because it get so much sun there and they love it. Plus these ones grow pretty tall and they help to make the garbage cans feel not so garbage-y.




Peach Day Lily


White Lily

How do you guys feel about Hosta flowers? I’m on the fence? I keep the prettier white orchid looking ones, but cut back a lot of the purple. They tend to look a bit spindly, and I prefer a more manicured look. ‘Dats just me.


Sun / Shade Garden


Blue Creeping Sedum & Heuchera

At the start of the spring I bought two packs of creeping blue sedum that I had never seen for sale before. I had high hopes for them, and now that they are beginning to take off and grow, I really love them, especially pared next to that purple Heuchera leaf.

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Entryway : DIY Round Leather Strap Mirror

DIY Round Leather Strap Mirror in Copper
Guys, Who am I? Two posts in one day? FTW!

Like I said, I’ve been brimming with ideas for the house. The first was to customize this round mirror from Ikea. Unlike so many other mirrors the Skogsvåg mirror from Ikea was the perfect size for my small space. At 18″ wide it fit this odd shape created by our staircase just perfectly. Plus the frame of the mirror is made from wood so it makes it easy to modify, unlike some of it’s metal framed counterparts. Also, did I mention the price, $39.99 – a deal as far as mirrors go.

My go-to copper metallic spray paint is from Rustoleum, it does an amazing job of actually looking like copper, and I feel completely confident that when I use it, shit will look cool. I kinda went a little nuts and spray painted the buttons on my twemco flip clock too, oops. I’ve been pinning and pining for a round mirror for my house for a long time, I just couldn’t find one that was exactly what I was looking for, and for the price I wanted to pay. After searching around for a bit I found this pretty natural leather strapping, and bought a bunch of it (I have a few other ideas in mind for this as well). The leather is 1 1/2″ wide and sits perfectly flush against the sides of the mirror. And since the mirror is made of wood, it was easy to tack on using upholstery nails. More details on the mirror assembly below.

I invested in a gaggle of pillows for our entry bench (aka radiator cover / built-in bench). You can see a peak of them in the above pic, and I’ll be sure to share more later. They have made the space! Below are the links to the cushions spotted above :)

DIY Round Leather Strap Mirror in Copper

DIY Round Leather Strap Mirror in Copper

DIY Round Leather Strap Mirror in Copper

DIY Round Leather Strap Mirror in Copper

DIY Round Leather Strap Mirror in Copper

DIY Round Leather Strap Mirror in Copper

DIY Round Leather Strap Mirror in Copper

+++ sources +++
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Spray Paint The Mirror
Tape off the mirror with painters tape – I used thin sheets of newsprint from the telephone book to mask as well as the tape. There was a bit of overspray on the mirror and I cleaned it up easily with nail polish remover.
Cut Leather To Length
Cut your leather strap with a sharp scissors to the desired length
Attach the strap
Attach the leather on each side of mirror centered on the leather. Use a hammer to gently tap the tack into place.
Drill Hole for Finial
Determine the location of the finial on the wall, drill a pilot hole and use a small anchor to attach it to the wall.
Hang the mirror
I hung the mirror on both the finial and the support hook on the back of the mirror.

DIY Round Leather Strap Mirror in Copper

DIY Round Leather Strap Mirror in Copper
I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty and sharing a few more tricks and ideas for transforming this space. See ya soon!

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Macrame, Hoo-ray!

Woven Macrame Folding Lawn Chair
It seems like every summer I macrame a chair or two, this year I went a little buck and am up to two sets, that is four chairs my people!! It also seems like every year they get a little cooler too. I guess I’m just honing this craft. Anyways, I get lots of e-mails about these chairs, and I just wanted to show off this season’s weaves while reminding the fine people of the internet that I have made two video tutorials on this subject (1 good one, and 1 kinda good one), as well as well as a written how-to with pictures! My brother and sis-in-law are living examples of learning from my vids. They are in the process of making two chairs for some budz as a wedding gift – which I think is a super sweet idea! Anyway, back to me, their success is an endorsement for how I rule a little bit at explaining hard to describe things on the web.

Woven Macrame Folding Lawn Chair

Woven Macrame Folding Lawn Chair

Woven Macrame Folding Lawn Chair

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Creativity is v Cool

Friends, I don’t mean to sound like a whiney baby or anything, but I’ve had so much on my plate over the last 7 months. On top of mommin’ kids, I’ve been bringing our youngest kid to a bunch of therapies (you guys might remember me sharing with you that Gus has ASD) anywhere from 2-4 times a week, on top of daily school . My oldest, Finn, had been attending an elementary school that was out of our district, which meant pick up and drop off every day, and on top of all that my husband (aka partner in crime) has been traveling for work more than ever. Summer has been full of swimming lessons, science camp, summer school, birthdays, and also we happily have the kids’ friend Elsa hanging with us M-F. I guess I didn’t realize how much all of this running and kid-lyfe consumed my day-to-day.

Last week was my first free week since the beginning of January. We (the kids and I) had nothing to do, and honestly, I was a little bit lost with this new freedom. I tried to enjoy it, and chill, and hang with the kids, but I felt lost without a specific place to focus my energies. I honestly was feeling a bit depressed, which seems like the opposite of what I should’ve been feeling.

I tried to offset my lack of focused energy by filling my time with things that I remembered enjoying. I got caught up on all my favorite blogs, devoured and went down every pinterest rabbit hole, thumbed through lots of magazines and got back on my daily workout routine.

Then something cool happened. Like lighting (don’t care how cliche that sounds), creativity struck. My mind was racing and full of new and exciting ideas. Ideas were coming fast, and I realized I was feeling intention and purpose, something that I haven’t felt in a really long time. As I used to do when these feelings would happen, I hit the ground running. I made plans, wrote things down, made sketches, and before I knew it I was painting the wall in our entry – a small symbol of an even bigger feeling.

The significance of what this meant to me is huge. For the last two years I’ve been trying to figure out why I haven’t felt consistently creative, whether it was medications or anxiety, or had I just lost it? I’m beginning to realize that creativity takes time and focus, and my other mom duties have eaten up a lot those energies. To be creative requires a mind that has the time to rest and have the ability to wander, as well as the time to think through and build from ideas.

Anyways, I guess I just wanted to share that I feel very excited about what the future holds. August is still a little busy for the kids and I, but much less so than the previous 7 months. School starts again in September. Finn will be going to a school where he can catch the bus on the corner, and Gus will be going full time three days a week and part time the other two. I will have time in my days where I can focus, and think, and do! The support and validation I felt from all the instagram high-fives last week felt good too, so thank you! I have plans guys, and I’m excited to share more as they begin to take shape.

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Instructions and Parts list for minimalist DIY Double Brass Pendant
Guys! I’m back with the final installment of the girl-party-make-a-light-fixture post! My pal Nicole (aka Colz) needed a new light fixture for over her new black sink — yep that one pictured above — which makes its home in her incredibly awesome new kitchen! We made this brass beauty for her, and it looks amazing – I liked it so much I made one for my bathroom too. Also, don’t worry! I will force Colz to share her kitchen with us once the tiling is finished up, and her cabinets are decked out in real hardware, the blue painters tape is cool and all, but c’mon. Blue tape be darned, I just couldn’t wait to share the sconce. Don’t my She’Vaughns have the best style?

I know this is just a quick “wazzup” post, I’m still in the midst of crazy kid birthday celebraishes over her. Who thought it was a good idea for all of the kids to be born in July? I am so looking forward to the month of August. It will be the one month of the summer where I don’t feel like I’m playing catch up all the GD time. I’ve missed being away from the blog, and making and fixing stuff. I can’t wait to get back at it and share with you dudez.

Onwards! This one went together very quickly and looks super great! Directions and parts list below!

Please if you’re not familiar with electrical wiring contact an electrician

  • Disassemble the socket and attach the wires
  • Reassemble the socket with the wires feeding out the end
  • Slide 1 threaded nipple down the wire and attach to the top of the socket
  • Slide the brass socket cup down the wire
  • Slide 1 straight coupling down the wire — Thread one end of the coupling into the nipple now attached to the socket (sandwiching the cup)
  • Carefully slide the brass swivel onto the wire
  • Thread the swivel onto the other end of the straight coupling, turn the swivel 90º
  • Slide the 10″ pipe onto the wire and thread onto the swivel
  • Thread the wire through a 1/4″ hole on the cluster and attach the cluster to the other end of the 10″ pipe

(repeat these steps for the the other arm)

  • Use the orange nut to attach the 2 black wires to another an additional black wire. With another orange nut, attach the 2 white wires to an additional white wire
  • Thread the new black and white wire through the 1/8″ hole on the cluster.
  • Enclose the spliced wires inside the cluster and attach screw on the top
  • Use the slotted plug to cover the remaining hole on the cluster
  • Thread the black and white wire through the 5″ pipe and attach to the cluster
  • Send the wires through the center hole on the canopy, slide on the grounding wire and attach to the nipple with a washer and hex nut
  • Connect the wires from the sconce to the wires in the wall box. Again, if you’re not sure how to do this, contact an electrician
  • Use the mounting bracket and acorn nuts to attach the fixture to the wall

Instructions and Parts list for minimalist DIY Double Brass Pendant

Instructions and Parts list for minimalist DIY Double Brass Pendant

Don’t forget to check out the instructions and part lists for the double brass sconce and the black and brass globe sconce!

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