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My name is Alison Allen. I started Deuce Cities Henhouse in 2009 – a blog about fixing up and restoring my 110-year-old Minneapolis home and updating our tired and out, dated Wisoconsin cabin.

Our home and cabin are a constant work in progress and I love pushing myself to learn new skills as I go! I went to art school for photography and was obsessed the entire time with interior spaces and all things hands-on.

I’m passionate about empowering women to take on projects that they might have normally not had the confidence to do, incorporating modern design and aesthetic into my home, thoughtful design solutions, and landscaping. I’ve done it all, from easy do-it-yourself home improvement projects to full on renovations and remodels.

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“Deuce Cities Henhouse is about more than tackling home renovations, it’s about empowering women to take on projects they might not have normally had the confidence to do”.
-Alison Allen
A dig-in-and-do-it blogger transforms (almost single-handedly) her old house. The result? A mix of modern and charm that gives it new life.

Her inherent creativity and picture-taking talent play a starring role in her home and blog, Deuce Cities Henhouse: an eye candy account of do-it-yourself projects, before-and-afters, and a side of 1990’s nostalgia. Packed with personality and humor, it’s enough to keep worldwide readers reading, and Alison, revamping her turn-of-the-cenutry home in Minneapolis Minnesota.

Alison has successfully personalized her more-than-a-century old home while respecting its history and its own personality. There isn’t a corner that she has left untouched.

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Mollie Makes Magazine
This Old House Magazine
MPLS Saint Paul Magazine – Home & Design
Do It Yourself Magazine
Adore Magazine
Better Homes & Garden’s Magazine
Apartment Therapy
Home Love Network
Good Housekeeping
Hygge & West

Deuce Cities Henhouse has partnered with many brands. Alison most notably was part of the Ace Hardware panel of bloggers for two consecutive years.

Ace Hardware, Article, Suhki Rugs, Kohler, Black & Decker, Burke Decor, Blue Apron, Analon, Monrovia, Weber, Clark & Kensington, Comfort Works, Beddy’s

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Other Things:
I have two boys, Finn and Gus ages 9 and 6, they are pretty cool dudes and you will hear me talking about them often. I love Bruce Springsteen, a lot. My husband’s name is Jeff, he’s really tall. We have an extensive collection of indie rock and grunge records from the 90’s. I love a good cocktail, but will settle for a cheap beer any day of the week.

Why Deuce Cities Henhouse?
Deuce Cities is a nickname for the Twin Cities (aka Minneapolis St.Paul) it’s also nearly my maiden name (Deuhs) and everyone used to call me Ali Deuce. A long time ago I had another blog (Deuce Cities) where I went to a lot of parties and jokingly dissed on all my friends (pre-kids). My friends call me Scoops because I am always taking photos (aka getting the scoop). Any other questions?

Get in Touch
I’d love to hear from you! Please shoot me an e-mail with any questions about the site, the house, the cabin, projects or anything else you find on the blog.