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Deuce Cities Henhouse


Welcome to Deuce Cities Henhouse. My name is Alison Allen, my friends call me Scoops – I’m kind of big on nicknames, so be warned, I might give you one too.

I started Deuce Cities Henhouse back in 2009. Back then my interests were all over the place and I blogged about everything from crafts, to kids, to knitting, to parties. Things have changed a bit since those early days, and I’ve spent the last four years obsessing over my 100 year old house located in the heart of Minneapolis. Alison Deuhs Allen Me and the fam moved in during March of 2010 and I have been updating, decorating, DIY-ing, and renovating all along the way.

I love decor and I am constantly inspired by my home, interior magazines, and my fellow home bloggers. My home is a constant work in progress and I love the adventure of it all. Seriously, it is my favorite thing. I went to school for photography and was obsessed the entire time with interior spaces, graphic design, and web development. This is where I’ve ended up – blogging away with my trustee camera by my side. I love it here, and I hope you do too. Come hang out with me!

Other Things:

I have two boys, Finn and Gus ages 5 and 2, they are pretty cool dudes and you will hear me talking about them often. I love Bruce Springsteen, a lot. My husband’s name is Jeff, he’s really tall. We have an extensive collection of indie rock and grunge records from the 90’s. I love a good cocktail, but will settle for a cheap beer any day of the week. Deuce Cities is a nickname for the Twin Cities (aka Minneapolis St.Paul). A long time ago I had another blog (Deuce Cities) where I went to a lot of parties and jokingly dissed on all my friends (pre-kids).


I’d love to hear from you! Let me know if you have questions about me, the site, the house, projects or anything else you find on the blog.


Thanks for reading!