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Deuce Cities Henhouse

Woah guys, Hello! To say this kitchen reveal is a long time in the making is an understatement, and I am thrilled to reveal our newly renovated kitchen and mudroom addition! This project has been in the works since 2017, and with the help of my trusty friend SketchUp, we were able to come up with the perfect plan for our home through countless iterations. We were asking ourselves big questions, like READ MORE
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Kitchen Update #3 (& #4 & #5)

Kitchen Update #3 (& #4 & #5)

Hello people! I thought I'd be back with this post much earlier, so instead of chopping them up into multiple posts I'm going to give it you all at once. Be ready for three months of real life to fly by in the time it takes to read this blog ...
Kitchen Addition Update #2

Kitchen Addition Update #2

Hello! The kids are back in school, everything is awesome. Even though my kids operate themselves for the most part these days, they still interrupt my mental focus just enough to always feel like I'm never getting anything done. Look at me now, two days into school, I am at ...
Framing The Roof

Kitchen Addition Update #1

Hey Guys! Hope you have all been doing well. I've been doing great over here. I've been eagerly awaiting the beginning of our kitchen remodel and half bath/mudroom addition. It's started in early May (apprx 6 weeks ago) and it's slow going, so I've been taking a lot of snap ...
We're Remodeling Our Kitchen and Adding On to Our House!

We’re Remodeling Our Kitchen and Adding On to Our House!

People of the internet, greetings and salutations from my little neck of cyberspace. I wanted to write a post and share some exciting news, after 12 years of wanting to renovate our dysfunctional kitchen we are finally able to make it happen and we are going big! We have decided ...
The Lost Year : Cabin Kitchen Update

The Lost Year : Cabin Kitchen Update

Hey, wow! I never expected it to be nearly a year in between posts. Shit. How fucked up was that last year? What an absolute major bummer quarantine was. I felt like before covid I was in such a groove with the blog, and then it turned quickly turned into ...
Shared Boys Bedroom

The Boys’ Shared Bedroom Reveal

Wow! I would have never imagined that it would have taken me nearly a year to get the kids' bedroom project wrapped up to the point where I could post about it. My life has been consumed with helping my kids with their school work ever since March, and my ...
Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Guys! I'm gonna share a secret, the one thing you can do to improve your homes interiod during the winter months is to make sure to give your windows (storms too) a good cleaning this fall! ...
Barrel Sauna in the Woods

Our Barrel Sauna in The Northwoods

Check out my summer project - the new cedar barrel sauna at the cabin! A quick little background, we jumped on the home improvement bandwagon just like everyone else did this year. We were looking for a project that was fully DIY to bide time this summer, but we also ...


Hi! I’m Alison Allen

I started Deuce Cities Henhouse in 2009 – a blog about fixing up and restoring my 110-year-old Minneapolis home and updating our worn out and out, dated Wisconsin cabin. My family and I (my husband and two boys) moved into our current home nearly ten years ago, and since then I’ve been chronicling my journey of owning, renovating, decorating and DIY-ing our home.
I’m passionate about empowering women to take on projects that they might have normally not had the confidence to do, incorporating modern design and aesthetic into my home, thoughtful design solutions, and landscaping. I’ve done it all, from easy do-it-yourself home improvement projects to full on renovations and remodels.