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Deuce Cities Henhouse

A lot of you have probably never seen our most used bathroom – our second floor bathroom which all four of use every single day. It’s obvious that I haven’t ever given it much thought or care. Welcome to my most embarrassing post. A quick recap, I painted the vanity and tried to spruce up the towel bars a few years back, but honestly that’s all that we’ve done to this space... READ MORE
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DIY USB Charging Hub

Make a USB Charging Hub

Hey budz! I’ve been busy reorganizing the DCHH headquarters (aka as my sunroom office). I’m obsessed with cord coralling and maintenance because it can have such a big impact on a space. Cords just look bad, there’s no two ways about it. To combat ugly cord scenes that we all live with on the daily, I devised a plan to ...
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Decorating in Stages While Still Achieving the Look Your After

Decorating in Stages While Still Achieving the Look Your After

Having the cabin has taught me a few things about design. It can be done in stages and having a plan is a really good thing. When we took ownership of the cabin we knew that we needed to make it our own, and fast. Jeff especially has a hard time seeing the big picture, and he had his hesitations ...
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Plans for my workspace Refresh

Starting the New Year with an Office Makeover

I wasn’t kidding around about the goals I set for myself for 2020 – I really want to give it my all and push myself to post twice a week. I figure if I don’t really try, I won’t know if it’s possible. Worst case scenario, I figure out what my limits are and I go from there. To start ...
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2019 Year and Review and Goals for 2020

A look back on 2019 & Goals for 2020

Friends, budz, guys, dudes, dudettes! I'm sharing a post today about the new year, my plans for it, and how I'm going to crush my 2020 goals. I'm also re-capping on all the cool stuff that got done in 2019. I'm so excited for the new year, I feel like this year it's really a fresh beginning for me. Welp, ...
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Polaroid Memories & Guest Book

Polaroid Memories & Guest Book

Today I wanted to share how we share and save memories at the cabin. In addition to a guest book we have also started filling a bowl full of polaroid photos. Remember polaroids? They went extinct in the early oughts but have been recently brought back to life by The Impossible project! Shortly before digital photography became the norm, I ...
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Creating Continuity in A Troublesome Stairwell

Reveal : The Entry Way, Stairwell and Hallway

Holy buckets! This post has been a long time in the making, and I'm so glad it's time to finally share with you! If you've been following for awhile you know that I have been wrestling with my stairwell design, but not just wrestling in the winning sort-of-away, but the kind where you're on the losing side and you're pinned ...
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Decorating for a Minimal Rustic Christmas

Holiday Decorating for a Minimal Rustic Christmas

Hello! Hope you guys are all well! We are doing great over here. I celebrated my birthday on Wednesday and last week we spent five whole days up at the cabin over Thanksgiving break. It has become a tradition to set up the tree the day after Thanksgiving for our fam, and we have really enjoyed having a tree at ...
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Gaba Modular Sectional in Pearl White Review

This Sofa Took Cabin Cozy to the Next Level

I have always envisioned our cabin furniture being updated in phases, to get us started, we purchased affordable "get-cha-through" furniture and repurposed hand-me-downs from our home. It has always been a work in progress and I had planned on updating some of our cabin furniture pieces with comfier, cozier and more substantial long-term items as we advanced in our cabin ...
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Hi! I’m Alison Allen

I started Deuce Cities Henhouse in 2009 – a blog about fixing up and restoring my 110-year-old Minneapolis home and updating our worn out and out, dated Wisconsin cabin. My family and I (my husband and two boys) moved into our current home nearly ten years ago, and since then I’ve been chronicling my journey of owning, renovating, decorating and DIY-ing our home.
I’m passionate about empowering women to take on projects that they might have normally not had the confidence to do, incorporating modern design and aesthetic into my home, thoughtful design solutions, and landscaping. I’ve done it all, from easy do-it-yourself home improvement projects to full on renovations and remodels.