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Cabin Update : The Kitchen

Hello, budz! It’s so weird writing posts without having the luxury of easily photographing the subject. We have such limited time at the cabin, that when I’m there, project time is strictly for projects and chill time is strictly for chilling. Get it? I bring you my best stab at on-the-fly documentation! I took the photos for this post within a matter of minutes while the fam was waiting for READ MORE
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Kitchen : 16 Week Progress Report

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Tiny Table Transformations

Hey guys! Just over here finishing up a bunch of small projects left in the kitchen. I'm still waiting for the new light fixture to arrive before I can show the big kitchen makeover to you! I can barely stand it. In the meantime, let me talk to you about my kitchen table. I bought this table at a garage sale when I was 17 in anticipation of moving out of my folks' place and into my own READ MORE
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Kitchen : 10 Week Progress Report

I'm so proud of this post, you guys! Look what I did! I made our kitchen so much better than it was before, and I love it! Heads up - I'm gonna be talking about myself like I rule the world for the rest of this post, I'm just so into how I slayed this kitchen beast! Remember when you guys gave me tons of feedback when I posted about the dilemmas I was having with this sad, lonely, confused READ MORE
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Pulling the Trigger on a Light Fixture

School House Electric We made a decision on a light fixture for the kitchen, and I'm telling you it was H A R D ! About a month ago I installed the Foto pendant from Ikea, just to get a feel for what a big enamel pendant fixture might look like in the space, how it would cast light, and how it would function. I wasn't ready to commit to a fixture, and for $29, the Foto pendant was worth the READ MORE
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