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Deuce Cities Henhouse

Hello people! I wanted to share with you a few ideas I've been knocking around for the cabin kitchen. A little background, the kitchen cabinets are currently painted a light sage green, and the cabin's exterior is also green. Green is also my favorite color, so it seemed pretty natural to me to want to incorporate a bunch of green into the cabin design. For me, green is also a protest to all READ MORE
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Hello, Budz! I'm excited about this post, like more excited than I knew I would be. I got the chance to work with an amazing line of products, something that was a real game changer for me. Do you know about Amy Howard? I have to admit that I didn't going into this, but have discovered a bit about her and a lot about her line of products, Amy Howard at Home. "I know", I'm getting tired of READ MORE
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Kitchen : 16 Week Progress Report

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Tiny Table Transformations

Hey guys! Just over here finishing up a bunch of small projects left in the kitchen. I'm still waiting for the new light fixture to arrive before I can show the big kitchen makeover to you! I can barely stand it. In the meantime, let me talk to you about my kitchen table. I bought this table at a garage sale when I was 17 in anticipation of moving out of my folks' place and into my own READ MORE
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I'm so proud of this post, you guys! Look what I did! I made our kitchen so much better than it was before, and I love it! Heads up - I'm gonna be talking about myself like I rule the world for the rest of this post, I'm just so into how I slayed this kitchen beast! Remember when you guys gave me tons of feedback when I posted about the dilemmas I was having with this sad, lonely, confused READ MORE
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