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Hey, wow! I never expected it to be nearly a year in between posts. Shit. How fucked up was that last year? What an absolute major bummer quarantine was. I felt like before covid I was in such a groove with the blog, and then it turned quickly turned into not being able to give any effs about anything and just surviving day-to-day. That sounds dark, but that year was dark! My kids did distance learning READ MORE
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Our Barrel Sauna in The Northwoods

Check out my summer project - the new cedar barrel sauna at the cabin! A quick little background, we jumped on the home improvement bandwagon just like everyone else did this year. We were looking for a project that was fully DIY to bide time this summer, but we also wanted the project to be something that could help us enjoy and get through the winter - which I'm sure will end up being a rough one. Enter, The Barrel Sauna! Not only did it provide me with a project for the summer, but it's gonna make winter a whole lot more doable. Hot humid therapy during those freezing cold winter months is gonna slay. READ MORE
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We've basically been living at our cabin for the last six months, so we've got to know how it functions pretty well. One of the things that really tends to grind our gears is the refrigerator! Not only are drawers constantly cracking and breaking, but shelves fall too - and sometimes those shelves are holding bottles of champ, and I just can't risk having those bottles break... READ MORE
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Last week marked the third year that Jeff and I have been cabin people! I thought it would be the perfect time to look back and see what's been happening during the last three years. Sometimes I don't realize it, but it's been a lot. We've really made this cabin our own, and I'm so happy to see how far it's come... READ MORE
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I'm sure I'm not the only one who has felt an array of feelings since quarantine began. Most of the time I fall somewhere between a complete lack of motivation, and sheer boredom. And then every once in awhile I'll get a sudden burst of energy and I'll do all the things all at once. That is what happened once I started gaining momentum on the new sauna area of our front side yard at the cabin... READ MORE
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