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Deuce Cities Henhouse

For the last year I have been slowly removing the wall-to-wall 40 year old carpet that plagued our cabin. Can you imagine how many wet feet and soggy bodies this carpet had seen? Barf. The majority of the carpet was ripped out the minute we closed on the place exposing the hardwood floors underneath. For months after I continued to find staples that needed to be pried up, but eventually we had the floors totally uncovered.... READ MORE
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Budz! Big news on the blog today! Did you happen to see the December issue of Better Homes & Garden’s, cause if not, you should! Last year BHG asked us Allen’s to share with the world how we celebrate Christmas at our new-to-us cabin. I was a bit skeptical because I’ve participated in a magazine shoot of our home before, and I would have to say the end result wasn’t a true representation of us. Howevs, this was Better Homes & Garden’s the magazine I flipped through as a kid, and have subscribed to as an adult. This is the big enchilada, so yes, of course. Come to our cabin! READ MORE
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Going Digital with Analog Media

At home, on the weekends we spend a decent chunk of the mornings listening to records, sipping coffee, and flipping vinyl. We absolutely love the ritual of it. That's not so easy to do at the cabin where we have run into problems with wiring speakers. Recently the clouds parted, and the vinyl gods pointed us in the direction of Sonos wireless speakers to solve all our listening problems... READ MORE
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Hey guys! Just wanted to pop on in and share a little progress report in the bathroom. I was hoping to be able to share a more finished look sooner, but working on a project remotely means that project come together very slowly. Take a look down below to see what it was looking like a few months ago before I started its facelift. So how do you pump a bit of charm and character into a tiny bathroom? In a nut shell, I took elements from the rest of the cabin and put them on blast in the half bath. I wanted it to be a bite sized version of cabin. The exterior of the cab is clad in board & batten, so I thought it would be cool to repeat the look in the bathroom, the wallpaper in buffalo check is a pattern found repeatedly (maybe even too much, but who cares!) throughout the cabin, and the flooring was used in our kitchen and main floor bath... READ MORE
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Reveal : Cabin Kitchen

So stoked to share the cabin kitchen revamp (mostly on a budget) with ya, I mean it’s only been a year in the making. Talk about slow design! Of course, some of that slowness is by necessity, renovating a small cabin kitchen when you leave 120 miles away isn’t going to happen over night. When I get presented with a design problem like our kitchen cabin, my first instinct is to make the most trying to maximize design on a budget... READ MORE
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