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Deuce Cities Henhouse

Early on in my bathroom remodel I realized that I wouldn't be able to include a niche for the shower as I had hoped. Two of the three walls that surround the bath and shower are exterior walls, and because it gets so cold in NW Wisco (aka Wisconsin) in the winter months it would have caused problems to inset a niche between any of the studs on the exterior wall. The third wall contained the plumbing for our shower, and I didn't want to have to open up the wall to access it or deal with the headache that would be rerouting the plumbing just so that we could have a spot to put our shampoo. Since this is our cabin bath, and because we live like wild woods people when we are here - we don't have huge need for a lot of bath time accoutrements in this space. All we really need is stuff to wash our hair from time to time. READ MORE
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Being that it's the last day in January, I wanted to squeeze in a post about my plans for an upcoming organizational project. I know you have all heard of "spring cleaning" but honestly, what gets me through the middle and end of winter are indoor organizational projects. For me it helps to combat some of the SAD feelings and gives me some control - I can't control the weather, but I can make my environment work for me... READ MORE
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Hey Team! I wanted to dedicate an entire blog post to just how much I love the innovation that brought me/you/us the Samsung Frame TV. If you’re not familiar with the Frame TV, it’s a TV that moonlights as framed art! Samsung designed a TV that displays digital art (when in art mode), is able to be mounted flush on a wall just like a piece of artwork would, and the frame itself can be swapped out with interchangeable magnetic frames... READ MORE
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Having the cabin has taught me a few things about design. It can be done in stages and having a plan is a really good thing. When we took ownership of the cabin we knew that we needed to make it our own, and fast. Jeff especially has a hard time seeing the big picture, and he had his hesitations when it came to buying this particular cabin. He put a lot of trust in me seeing the bigger picture for it. To refresh your memory, let's go on a trip down memory lane, shall we... READ MORE
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Polaroid Memories & Guest Book

Today I wanted to share how we share and save memories at the cabin. In addition to a guest book we have also started filling a bowl full of polaroid photos. Remember polaroids? They went extinct in the early oughts but have been recently brought back to life by The Impossible project! Shortly before digital photography became the norm, I received my bachelor's degree in fine arts and my major was photography. Everything I learned and was taught to me in the analog style. I used a light meter, took photos with a 4x5 large format camera and a cape, and photos and film were developed in a dark room. I love the spontaneity of a moment captured, there is something so fascinating about the artifact of light and chemistry as a representation of a moment in time.. READ MORE
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