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Deuce Cities Henhouse

Polaroid Memories & Guest Book

Today I wanted to share how we share and save memories at the cabin. In addition to a guest book we have also started filling a bowl full of polaroid photos. Remember polaroids? They went extinct in the early oughts but have been recently brought back to life by The Impossible project! Shortly before digital photography became the norm, I received my bachelor's degree in fine arts and my major was photography. Everything I learned and was taught to me in the analog style. I used a light meter, took photos with a 4x5 large format camera and a cape, and photos and film were developed in a dark room. I love the spontaneity of a moment captured, there is something so fascinating about the artifact of light and chemistry as a representation of a moment in time.. READ MORE
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Hello! Hope you guys are all well! We are doing great over here. I celebrated my birthday on Wednesday and last week we spent five whole days up at the cabin over Thanksgiving break. It has become a tradition to set up the tree the day after Thanksgiving for our fam, and we have really enjoyed having a tree at the cabin. We even discovered a way to keep the tree well watered without having to be there to water it... READ MORE
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I have always envisioned our cabin furniture being updated in phases, to get us started, we purchased affordable "get-cha-through" furniture and repurposed hand-me-downs from our home. It has always been a work in progress and I had planned on updating some of our cabin furniture pieces with comfier, cozier and more substantial long-term items as we advanced in our cabin ownership. We just recently hit two years of enjoying our cabin, and we had gotten to know our cabin well enough that it was easy to point out what needed improvement, and what we were missing in terms of how we used the space and what we were expecting out of furniture... READ MORE
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I know I have been missing the last few weeks. I’ve been racing the weather trying to tie up a bunch of loose ends at the cabin before the winter really starts to set in – which it’s starting to do right about now. I’ve spend a handful of extra long weekends at the cabin where I stay on to work after the family heads home for the week. There has been so much to do this year, and I hope to explain a lot of it in more detailed posts as I settle into my role as blogger and out of my role as full-time handyperson. READ MORE
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Mini Update at the Cabin

I did something that I don't normally do a few weeks back. I impulse shopped. I'm a planner when it comes to design and I really enjoy the process of dreaming and scheming and double checking before I purchase anything. For me, it makes my purchases feel really good and intentional. I don't want to regret stuff I buy, and I want to be a responsible consumer. ... READ MORE
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