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It’s time for the Thursday Throwback! Deuce Cities Henhouse has over 11 years of archives so why not share a few oldies but goodies every once in awhile? This post written originally in 2016 seemed like the perfect post for the change of season during the fall months. I will scream it from the rooftops, cleaning the windows before going into winter is an absolute game changer!
Window Cleaning 101 | Deuce Cities Henhouse
Guys! I’m gonna share a secret, the one thing you can do to improve your homes interior during the winter months, is make sure to give your windows (storms too) a good cleaning before it gets too cold.
Simple Steps for Window Cleaning | Deuce Cities Henhouse
Although there are many different brands of window cleaner and a lot of DIY window natural window cleaning recipes, I prefer to use a few spritz’ of Windex with Vinegar. I just discovered it a few years back and it has changed my window cleaning life.
Simple Steps for Window Cleaning | Deuce Cities Henhouse
Use the soft side of a sponge (to prevent scratching the glass) to help to knock off stuck on dirt and grime, and eliminate finger prints.
Simple Steps for Window Cleaning | Deuce Cities Henhouse
There are as many squeegee methods as the day is long. I like to work top to bottom, left to right, wiping the blade in between. Make sure you have good contact with the blade, you don’t want to start on the edge of the sill, but on the glass itself. Pull down at a 45º angle. I also have an arsenal of different sized squeegees, and at the cabin I use a pole extension for high windows. It’s good to have options.
Simple Steps for Window Cleaning | Deuce Cities Henhouse
It’s imperative that you wipe the blade clean using a lint free cloth between swipes. This will prevent water drips or dust from the blade making its way onto your newly cleaned window.
Window Cleaning Tools
Our house has exterior storm windows which help with drafts in the winter, but make window cleaning a big project. I like to remove the storm windows first, then move outside to clean the exterior side of the windows. Inside, I’ll clean the interior windows, and then finish by cleaning both sides of each storm window. While the windows are out, I’ll take a second to use a vacuum and clean up all the cobwebs and dirt that have accumulated over the summer months. I also use this as an opportunity to remove all of the screens, I make sure to move in a clockwise direction around the house (starting on the north side) so the screens are easy to put back in the spring.
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  • KarenJ September 18, 2020

    I have a mind blowing window washing tip someone gave me years ago that I’ve used ever since and it’s never failed me. It also works on mirrors or any other glass. 2 microfiber cloths. Wet one with water and wring it out. Wipe window with wet cloth, dry with dry. Boom! Done! Streak free, clean windows, no special cleaning products needed. Perfect results everytime

  • Marcia September 21, 2020

    I have the same set up (105yr old St.Paul house w/ double hungs & storm windows). My cleaning process is also similar. With 8 surfaces to clean for each window, it’s always a bit daunting. I still have the storm windows from the front porch sitting on the floor from a window washing day months ago!! I always wonder if there is a more streamlined process that I should be trying, so it’s nice to see you do similar. But clean windows are always such a reward!

  • Sarah Spottswood September 28, 2020

    You are amazing! Thanks for all of the tips and inspiration.

    What app or program do you like to use for design? I need to start using one for our new 97 year old craftsman that we just bought;). Thanks in advance!

  • car tinting auckland February 1, 2021

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  • Ron Hoffman August 21, 2021

    I’m a window washer in Phoenix Az. I use a little bit of Dawn dish soap to clean windows and my customers say wow it looks like there is no glass it so shiny. One quarter oz. to 2 gallons of water. I also have small spray bottle made of some to use around the house works great chrome and mirrors,if want streak free mirrors turn the lights off. ( See The Light ) and stay Healthy to all.

  • Denae May 22, 2022

    Hi there! I just found your blog from pinterest upon searching for 100 year old home rennovations. My husband and I are considering purchasing our first home and it’s 104 years old!! A little daunting, but I was curious regarding your experience, have you found it to be inefficient energy wise or do you have any posts/tips on how to improve that component of an older home. Love your posts and so glad I found this blog. Definitely going to use it for inspiration!

  • Mia December 30, 2022

    Very good recommendations. The topic of window cleaning is my most relevant, because my house has quite large windows that I always wash with difficulty. Sometimes I turn to this company for a service, which specializes in window cleaning.

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