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Garbage piles!
Last Friday my friend Crystal (aka Rhinosnacks) took me on a Bloomington adventure. Once a year Bloomington has a day that the city will come and pick up whatever garbage you have, for free, no matter if it’s appliances, old windows or secret awesome treasures. Crystal and I were interested in the secret awesome treasures part of the equation. We aren’t the only ones though, the small streets are full of trucks with trailers skimming street curbs for the same awesome finds we are looking for. Crystal borrows McTubbins Jeep so we can pile it full.

A box of skulls
One of our first fines is an awesome box of animal skulls for Crystal.

Friendly finds
Check out these crazy stuffed animals we find.

Oh Shit!
Oh Shit! We major league screw up and break out the back window of McTubbins Jeep. BLERG!

Glass piles, ankle tats
Glass piles and ankle tats

Our free finds
We make it home with all our free stuff but it is all starting to feel not so free. I wish I could give it all back in exchange for Tubbs back window.

Cardboard works just as good as glass, right?
Cardboard is just as effective as real glass right?

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