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Happy New Year!

Getting into it.
I started my new year by standing outside forEVER, while waiting to watch my friends and husband jump into a faareezing Lake Minnetonka. The thermometer was only reading 2º. Colez kept me company on the sidelines and we were able to snap a few photos of these crazies..

The lake jump has become an annual tradition over the last few years. As of this new years day here are the current standings:

Uncle John/The Godfather of the Jump: BARRACUDA FIVE, 5 year Pro
Jeff/Waff: MUSKIE 4 year vet
Aaron/Rippy: NORTHERN, 3 years of experience
Mike/Crazy Turtle: NORTHERN, 3 years the wiser
Matt/50’s: WALLEYE, 2 years down
Laura/Laurax: GUPPY, a 1 year Rookie

Rippy barely surviesRippy can’t even handle the ice needles he is feeling and runs for warmth.

Mike Getting out of the LakeMy brother (aka Crazy Turtle, aka Crazy Mike D.) is looking prime in this photo. Instant hangover relief.

New Year's Day Lake JumpThe winter warriors. Oh, and in case you were wondering, YES, that is really truly steam rising off of their bodies.

New Year's Day Lake Jump

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