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One Year Blogiversary!

Guess what everybody? It is official: deucecities HENHOUSE has been a blog for 1 year now. During that time we’ve accomplished a lot—made tons of projects and gifts, celebrated birthdays, threw a few parties and had an awesome new baby girl enter our lives. Like all good blogs, we have decided to do a “Year in Review” wrap-up that features a small sampling of some of our favorite projects. Please click on any of the above images to visit our fav posts.

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  • Colzoz February 24, 2010

    Happy Blogiversary to you Scoops!

  • Scoops February 25, 2010

    Same to you lady. Does this mean that me you and our blog need to go on a romantic date and get a hotel room in the city?

  • Colzoz February 26, 2010


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