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An I Appreciate You Present

All my records stacked up and ready to go
Jeff surprised me with a secret graduation present this weekend. I wasn’t graduating, he was, and he wanted to say thanks for the support by getting me a present, what a sweet guy huh? Anyways, this present is awesome on many levels. Let me tell you about it.

Turntable/Drink Holder
First of all, it is a turntable for listening to records on, one of my favorite things to do, second of all it is meant for our upstairs four season porch (aka “adult patio”) off of our bedroom. This is awesome because our primary record player is located on the main floor, and the upstairs has only ipods with tiny speakers to listen to jams on, so Jeff decides we need an all in one unit for our new awesome hang out space. Thirdly this turntable transforms into an end table type of thing, the lid closes and you can totally use it to rest your beers on (only with coasters though). Fourthly, you can stack up to 6 records on this bad boy. That means that you don’t have to be flipping records every 15 minutes, you could listen for like 2 hours straight without lifting a finger.

Secret Knobs
And lastly, this unit comes with an AM radio, which will be awesome for listening to ALL of the TWINS games on. Please notice the knobs, they are not drawer pulls but tuners, volume controls, bass controls etc. etc. etc. A super cool thoughtful gift! Thanks Waff, and Congratulations, bet you can’t wait to find out what your present is!!!!

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