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I’m a Sewing Fool.

Lap Top Sleeve
Woah, I’m surprising myself here. I followed a pattern and I successfully sewed a lap top sleeve for my computer. So here’s the evidence, and I’m so proud. I was inspired after seeing this tutorial on The Cottage Home blog. If you haven’t seen this blog, and you like sewing you should check it out. Lindsay makes all sorts of awesome things for her girls, and she sells it in her etsy shop too. Anyhow, I bravely attempted sewing this pattern and I feel more confident in my skills now after completing the project over one Friday night. 43 steps sounds daunting but it wasn’t so bad.

Buttons centered in the sunburst
I used this Pop Daisy fabric by Heather Bailey, I’ve had a crush on it for awhile and was excited that I got to use it for this project. I also used some math skillz and was able to center the sunbursts for my button holes. Blamo.

Close-Up of felt lining
My computer has had a rough go of it, I have not been the best computer mom. I chuck it in my backpack and go. This new computer sleeve will make it so much happier, it will now have a pretty felt liner to nestle in while I jostle it around in my pack. I also gave it a good cleaning and bought it some new ram. It’s like Christmas around here for the old macbook pro.

Lap Top Sleeve
Awhh, my computer, living the dream.

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  • The Cheap Chic Momma November 11, 2010

    This is SO cute! I pretty much love anything made of this fabric. I've been wanting to make a laptop sleeve, but have been afraid because my sewing skills are less than stellar. Thanks for the inspiration!

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