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  • We are gearing up to get our house painted. We’ve conferred with a few professional painters and have received a couple of quotes. Everything you are supposed to do when embarking on a project of this magnitude. The only thing is, I haven’t quite figured out what color to paint it. To get me inspired I have enlisted the help of kuler.com. Kuler is super helpful when your trying to figure out that perfect color combo. I could spend days flipping through everyone’s color swatches. If you’ve got suggestions on what colors might be perfect for my place, I’m all ears.
  • I recently made over my dining room. Now that the tough stuff is done I’m on the hunt for a perfect rug. I found this blog called Rug Design. What a great jumping off point. Now to find one within my budget!
  • I have been dying over everything in Rachel Blakley’s jewelry shop, Elephantine. All of her pieces are just so easy and elegant. I’ve got my eye on a pair of these mora earrings. I can’t wait to wear them to my next mimosa brunch with the girls.
  • Yards to Gardens.org is a great little organization challenging us to rethink the way we use our outdoor spaces. Did you ever think that maybe instead of a yard covered in grass you might have a vegetable garden surrounding your home? Or perhaps your apartment building could be surrounded by native plants and vegetation? What an awesome concept! Yards to Gardens is also working to connect volunteers to those in North Minneapolis who were affected by the recent tornado. If you are interested in lending a hand, check out their website to see how you can help.
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