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Finn's Birthday Pinterest Page
  • I know we are a little late to the party on this one but Nicole and I just got started on our own pinterest pages. I’m still kind of getting the hang of how it all works, but basically it’s like putting all my favorite flickr finds plus all my other sweet internet finds in one organized space. Above you can see my inspiration board for Finn’s super simple 3rd birthday party. I’ve got my fingers crossed that our future little bundle of joy doesn’t show up early and throw a wrench in Finn’s big day.
  • Speaking of that future little dude; I think I’ve got a case of the nestings: this is all I want to do.
  • I would also be happy to curl up and start knitting a pair of socks or booties. I have a strong urge to touch yarn and needles. Is this normal? I’m not sure that this behavior should set in until we’re at least deep into the fall months.
  • I need to visit Urban Outfitters decor section more often. I’ve been looking for the vintage version of this pillow for months on etsy and here it is. I’ll take 3 please.
  • Now if I had an extra $100, I think I might have to get this super cool USA silk screened map for Finn from These Are Things. It would look great in his room and I think he would get a kick out of learning the names and shapes of all the states. He already has an unusual (for a 3 year old) obsession with cities. When we play with blocks you might hear him tell you that he’s building San Francisco or Washington D.C.
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