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Happy Friday Everyone!

Today I wanted to share an update on my projects that I need to get done before the end of the year. I am making progress!! I am a nap time warrior!!! Over the last two weeks I have removed all the wallpaper in the future “music room” and it was a huge task to say the least. It was def not one of those easy peasy tear the wallpaper off in 5 minute projects that you sometimes hear about (Erin Rooney, I’m talking to you). It came of in teeny tiny little pieces and took FOREVER. What I have learned throughout the process is that steamers were to harsh on my walls. they helped get the wallpaper off but it also took the paint off in the layers underneath the paper AND it was so hot it made the wallpaper glue all sticky and hard to deal with. The best method for me was using a paper tiger wallpaper remover (not to be confused with thee Paper Tiger) then soaking the walls for about 5 minutes with warm water applied with a sponge. Then after a spray with vinegar and water I went to town. The paper started coming off in bigger chunks leaving behind the backing paper which came off like butter after soaking in the vinegar solution for a few minutes. I am so glad I am done, but now I have bigger fish to fry. I need to patch and sand the entire room and then paint and wallpaper. I am getting excited to see the end result as I think it will look totally awesome.

In other news, I saw this super cool how to on taking paint off vintage door hardware over at Manhattan Nest and I am adding it to my post new years things to do. I am also totally kicking ass in the current Apartment Therapy color contest. I entered during the final day on a whim with the thought I needed to do something productive in my life and now I am on the leader board for my division. Vote for me if you think I am worthy, I’d appreciate the support.

Have a killer weekend.

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  • erin November 29, 2011

    So sorry it was so heinous! I can't wait to see it all done up. Are you using your winnings for the paint and/or wallpaper?

  • Scoops November 29, 2011

    Hey Erin!

    De-wallpapering is the worst! I can't even believe I am considering putting wallpaper back up on the walls but I just LOVE this ferm living wallpaper I have picked out.

    Regarding the winnings: heck yes, I am going to use some of that Farrow and ball paint (I'm only wallpapering one wall.) I just ordered some swatches online and looking forward to how they look in real life. (thanks for rooting for me, BTW.)

    You and Jordan are soooooo lucky that wallpaper just fell off your walls.


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