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My July Garden

Asiatic Lily

The gardens came through in perfect fashion for the kids birthday’s, both which were hosted in the backyard. This year really has been the best garden year one on record. Everything is much more mature and filled in, thus leaving me with a lot more time on my hands, I miss having garden projects to conquer. At least I have the lawn, I am most def turning into one of those crazy grass waterers.


Dreamland Pink Hybrid

Pink Zinnias
I’ve been waiting patiently for the Zinnia’s since I planted the seeds back in May. You may have remembered that I’m trying out a more tailored style of zinnias this year. They are always one of my favorite flowers in the garden, and are the best for bouquets. The downside is that they usually get a little unruly, especially if you are growing the zinnias with the big blooms. This year I went for a new variety that boasted an 18″ stem and a 4″ bloom. They’re holding up to all their promises and I love them. I’m way into the stout little pink bush shapes they are creating. I was able to pick what colors I wanted too, normally I just get zinnia seeds that come in an array of colors, this year I couldn’t reist the pink. Go zinnias!


Dreamland Ivory Hybrid

Ivory Zinnia
I also have a few growing in Ivory too!


Side Garden

This side garden is looking much better than it did last year. Hands down this little funny garden has been my hardest garden to curate. It’s super sunny, its straight, there are no organic shapes and there is a giant green fence behind it holding back the neighbors huge overgrowing bushes. Last year in a fit of frustration, I dug the entire garden up, split everything and then replanted it. Now it is much more organized, thankfully. The hostas run all along the front and “contain” the rest of the flowers. I also have saliva, sedum, lilies, bleeding hearts, peonys, iris, stone crop and zinnias filling out the rest of the space. The zinnias love it over here, they seriously hate being grown anywhere else. Believe me, I’ve tried.


Cone Flower

Cone Flower


Hosta Flowers

Hosta Flowers


Side Garden

Side Garden
The side garden is a little overwhelmed with hosta flowers, but I like it.


Dahlia Bud

Look! A Dahlia bud! The earliest I’ve had these bloom is the middle of July, the latest was mid August. I’m hoping for some beautiful August blooms very soon! I’ll fill you in on all the beuatifulness next time.

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  • Meg@ourwaytoeat.com August 3, 2013

    I cut the flower stems off my hostas. I have been told that it helps the plant keep its attention and energy on growing leaves, not reproducing. I am not a big fan of droopy hosta flowers, they aren’t that spectacular to look at compared to the showy leaves. It is totally a person preference, (and probably a less common approach) but I thought I’d mention it to see what you thought. I’m jealous of your mature garden. I’m still building my sunny back garden, and really hoping by next year to have it reach a mature point and look filled in.

    • Scoops August 5, 2013

      Your way is probably the right way, and I should go and cut mine back too. I like the hostas that produce the white flowers the best, the purply ones are long and stringing and boring, but the white flower are almost like orchids, I suppose I could always make a bouquet out of them.

  • Becky August 4, 2013

    Your garden looks great!

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