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Deuce Cities Henhouse

Alison Allen‘s photography degree may not have landed her the standard arts career, but her inherent creativity and picture-taking talent play a starring role in her home and blog, Deuce Cities Henhouse: an eye candy account of do-it-yourself projects, before-and-afters, and a side of 1990’s nostalgia. Packed with personality and humor, it’s enough to keep worldwide readers reading, and Alison, revamping her turn-of-the-cenutry home in Minneapolis Minnesota.
-Adore Home Magazine

As a Minneapolis based blogger Alison has focused her blog on the updating and renovating of her 106 year old home. Alison writes about what she’s learned from her home, what she makes, what she can share with others, and what inspires her. A lot of that just happens to be design, interior inspiration, gardening, recipes, decor and DIY, but nothing is off the table.