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Deuce Cities Henhouse

Our master bedroom has taken years to get right. Originally, after we moved in, there was only one possible layout for the bed, and that’s because the other wall had a strange protrusion in the corner. Eventually I got brave and took the wall down to see if I could remedy the problem. I discovered behind the wall that there was an old steal tank about four feet high, and eighteen inches wide. It was a pressure tank for the radiator system that was no longer in use. After removing the tank, I was left with the job of repairing the plaster walls. Eventually after lots of skim coating, and trips to the salvage yard for trim and baseboard I was left with a pristine wall. We wallpapered with a floral print from Rifle Paper Co., moved the bed to our new wall, which created a much better flow in the space. Now our master bedroom finally feels put together and reflective of us.

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Paint Colors

Walls : Farrow & Ball Wimborne White
Trim: Farrow & Ball All White
Dresser : Benjamin Moores Peach Cloud in Satin Impervo
In Progress

Before Photos