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Homemade Beer Cozy

The Cozy All done
Guess what? I made a beer cozy for my best beer drinking friend, Jeff “Waff” Allen!  This is the first time that I’ve created a crochet project without a pattern, I just guessed how to do it and it worked.

The bottom
Step 1. I start at the bottom. Beer bottles are round so I decided that making a round shaped bottom would probably be a good idea.

Authentically Krausened
Step 2: Get authentically Krausened, beer is good to drink while crafting.

It's working!
Step 3: Just keep going round and round.

Half way there
Step 4: I changed it up a little bit by changing the stitch, thus creating a pattern.

Looking good
Step 4: Stop stitching when you get to the top.

Adding a nickname
Step 5: Add your drinking buddies nickname. Success!

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