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Deuce Cities Henhouse

This weekend we celebrated Jeff's 32nd b-day, he's such an old man now! The weekend before I attended a baby shower for my cousin, and for both events I wrapped my gifts the same way, with white paper and black and white baker's twine. I know this isn't reinventing the wheel or anything, but I really like wrapping gifts this way because it looks sweet and thoughtful, and most importantly, READ MORE
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Minneapolis Holiday Gift Guide

This post is for all you local (or non-local) people out there that might need help with a few last minute gifts. I've put together a list of some of my favorite Minneapolis makers! 1Black and White lined triangle clutch by The Quinn Ladies - Holiday Clutch Sale this weekend - 711 West Lake St, #419 Minneapolis (Noon - 4pm) I've got my eyes on the black and white one, don't READ MORE
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Glitter Pinecone Ornaments

After helping my mom hang decorations on her Christmas tree last weekend, I realized how almost every year growing up we made a handmade ornament, whether it were at school, Sunday school, or at home with Mom. Inspired by a sparkly pinecone I created as a little runt, I made a late night trip to the drug store on Monday night to stock up on glue and glitter.Finn concentrates on his ornament skills.Our READ MORE
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Mom’s Birthday Brunch

What better way to celebrate mom's birthday than a delicious brunch. I think we can all agree the breakfast is the best meal you could ever eat so I did it up big for mom's bday. Here's the stats:Homemade Coffee CakeCarmel Rolls from scratchEgg BakeFruitDelicious Bacon from Everett'sAnd Scoops Famous Potatoes Have you ever made coffee cake from scratch? This was my first, and I realize that there READ MORE
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It is well known rule of thumb that it never snows after my dad's birthday. I think this year we can safely say that will happen, so onward spring. To celebrate the big day I decided to whip this delicious chocolate (since cakes are my specialty and all, plus I love birthdays.) Like all good recipes, I found it here over at my favorite recipe gettin' place epicurious.com, I will forewarn you though READ MORE
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