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Deuce Cities Henhouse

Hey guys! Did you know us Allens are the Kings and Queens of grilling and backyard parties, respectively? I'm sure you had no idea. Anyways, I know it's kinda cliche for dudes to be super into grilling and babes to be super into entertaining and throwing parties, and at our house we usually kind of pride ourselves on going against the gender role flow. But Jeff and I fall right into those stereotypes READ MORE
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Ice Cream Layer Cake

For Gus' birthday this year I decided to try something other than your standard issue birthday cake. Being that Finn's birthday is only 13 days before Gus', I didn't really want to spend my entire month of July making cake and ice cream (although I kind of did). A little back story for ya: My brother and I grew up with our birthdays only 3 days apart. There were a few rare occasions when my READ MORE
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Over the winter, my old man and I did something pretty dumb. Let me start by saying we had really good intentions. We wanted to make a new annual Allen Christmas tradish and burn down our Christmas tree the day after New Year’s day, duh. It sounded like a cool and fun idea, and it made for a good excuse to drink some brews and have a winter fire in the backyard. I tried to think responsibly READ MORE
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Cool, I am excited! It's holiday time, and that means party time! In anticipation of all the impending imbibing I will be taking part in the coming weeks, I took it upon myself to put together a nice little bar cart (table). If you recognized that bar table as the side table from the living room you win! This poor table is currently homeless because we have a huge Christmas tree taking its READ MORE
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Party Lights!

Get your party vibes on with some cool party lights. In honor of hanging with our bros, Joel and Katrina last weekend we hung some party lights. We weren't certain how long these lights would stay around but now that they are giving off such cool party vibes I think we'll keep them for the summer. I grabbed some globe lights last time I was at Target for a cool $12.99 per 20 foot strand. READ MORE
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