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Birthday Cake for Dad
It is well known rule of thumb that it never snows after my dad’s birthday. I think this year we can safely say that will happen, so onward spring. To celebrate the big day I decided to whip this delicious chocolate (since cakes are my specialty and all, plus I love birthdays.) Like all good recipes, I found it here over at my favorite recipe gettin’ place epicurious.com, I will forewarn you though that the frosting is pretty rich, but oh so deelisseoso, (that’s how we say delicious at our house.)

Layered Chocolate Cake
Woah Man, check out these layers, it’s like entering the 5th dimension of Narnia (but not really like that).

Birthday Buffet
Like all good dads your birthday buffet should consist of chocolate cake, record presents, and gin & tonics. This is exactly what I would want if I was a dad.

Handmade Bow
During the house packing, in a fit of unconscious tossing , I decided to part with all of the random scraps of wrapping paper I had around, thus when I want to wrap something now I must get creative. For this special present I use the city pages and I whip up a handmade bow. If any of you ever find yourselves in this situation check out howaboutorange.com for tips on making the perfect magazine cover bow.

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