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Mom’s Birthday Brunch

Mom's Bday: Homemade Carmel Rolls
What better way to celebrate mom’s birthday than a delicious brunch. I think we can all agree the breakfast is the best meal you could ever eat so I did it up big for mom’s bday.

Here’s the stats:
Homemade Coffee Cake
Carmel Rolls from scratch
Egg Bake
Delicious Bacon from Everett’s
And Scoops Famous Potatoes

Mom's B-Day Homemade Coffee Cake
Have you ever made coffee cake from scratch? This was my first, and I realize that there is no other way to have a coffee cake unless you bake it yourself. So GOOD! I followed this recipe on epicurious and ended up with the most delicious coffee cake ever. My son now thinks he should have “Cake” for breakfast every day of the week.

Mom's B-day: Carmel Rolls Pre-Oven
These things looked pretty awesome but only turned out OKAY. Not enough carmel!!!, I mean what’s the point? Seriously?

Mom's B-Day Peony's and new Tablecloth
My mom is one of the lucky ones who get’s to enjoy peony’s at every birthday. My new yard came equiped with one large peony bush that only wanted to make one small flower. These beauties came straight from the grocery store… Insert sad face here.

Mom's B-Day: Knitted Dishcloth
And as promised, a fancy knit dishcloth. I followed this pattern from this very thorough and indepth dish-cloth-pattern site.

So there you have it… mom’s birthday in a nut shell.

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  • Bhupen June 19, 2012

    That was a really nice post. I don’t know aonyne giving away their baby lol but I will keep my ears open just in case! My aunt and uncle adopted their 5kids and they have been a huge asset in their family and are so thankful to the moms willing to place their babies in my a&e’s home. It is a special thing! I wish them luck!

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