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My 1st Homemade Ice Cream
So I’ve been trying to add some new delicious treats to my cooking game, the most delicious of these treats being homemade ice cream. I’ve been saving up my tips from work over the last few months (a dollar here a dollar there type of thing) and was able to purchase this ice cream attachment for my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I figured it would be fun to be able to contribute a batch of ice cream to every bbq, and people would love me for it.

I’m not gonna lie, I soon discovered that making homemade ice cream is a science. My first attempt was a failure, I ended up with ice cream soup. So I got back up on that horse and tried again. Voila! Butter pecan ice cream and coffee for breakfast. Kind of amazing.

My 1st Homemade Pizza Dough
Last weekend we went to a graduation party, the food was not your usual cold cuts and cheese fare. Instead every 10 minutes a piping hot homemade pizza was flying out of the oven. OMG it was pretty awesome. How could pizza be so good (unless your eating heggies frozen pizza of course)? I wanted it in my own house and have now started on the journey of learning how to make the perfect homemade pizza.

First Attempt: This dough was good but not super bad ass, do not fear though, I will nail this one.

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