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Deuce Cities Henhouse

Before and After Part 1

Our House Before

Our house After

We’re just about to start finishing up some of the improvements we’ve made to our new home.
One of the projects that I have focused most of my time on has been our yard. It was sparse to say the least. When we moved in we inherited one fern and one peony, that’s it.

Finn and I have been out working out in the yard diligently every day. He helps me water and dig and check on our plants progress. He is fully fluent in the words, “dirt” “plants” “shovel” (pronounced “shubel”) “bigger” “flowers” and “helping.”

The thing that’s been the thorn in my side since the very beginning has been our yard. It was our one major compromise. everything else was practically perfect but we didn’t wind up with out a lot of curb appeal or shade.

Installment one of my yard updates will feature my front yard. This is what we’ve done.
*Dug up the entire boulevard and installed a sweet little shade garden.
*Planted a white flowering crab tree in the front yard.
*Planted a foundation garden along the house.
*Painted window boxes red.
*Painted foundation grey.
*Removed awning.
*Weeded like crazy.

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