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Mom’s Birthday Brunch

What better way to celebrate mom's birthday than a delicious brunch. I think we can all agree the breakfast is the best meal you could ever eat so I did it up big for mom's bday. Here's the stats:Homemade Coffee CakeCarmel Rolls from scratchEgg BakeFruitDelicious Bacon from Everett'sAnd Scoops Famous Potatoes Have you ever made coffee cake from scratch? This was my first, and I realize that there READ MORE
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Back on the Wagon

OMG I did it, I did it. I got so bored I finally went and found a new project. I am officially back on the knitting wagon. After a few months of fixing up our house and starting new gardens I couldn't fight the urge to make something. I just found an awesome dishcloth pattern (as far as dishcloth patterns go) and bought some yarn. I am in full on dishcloth mode, yep that's right, so you better READ MORE
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Better Late than Never

So yeah, I just finished this pair of grey mittens. What can I say, work has been slow and I've had a lot of time on my hands (punny, ha!) and so far I haven't thought of any knitted items to make that would be appropriate for summer wear. However, I will now be mos def be prepared for the winter. Excellent (said in the voice of Wayne Campbell.)If anyone else is interested in keeping their hands busy READ MORE
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Yay Me! I finally finished these socks!!! Wooohooo. I started the beauties back in November, got off track with other holiday knitting projects and finally I finished them last night. I do love these socks -- they look amazing. They are actually too cool. I might have to wear some sort of skirt or something horrible in order to show them off. I am noticing that I somehow made the toes a little differently. READ MORE
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So this is the stuff I have slowly been working on, I thought maybe if I posted something about it I'd give my self inspiration and motivation to finish it because I don't know how else I'm gonna do it.These granny squares are destined to become a new pillow for my couch IF I ever finish them. I started my squares because I missed the ease and the speed of crocheting, now I have a new project on my READ MORE
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