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Granny Square Future Pillow
So this is the stuff I have slowly been working on, I thought maybe if I posted something about it I’d give my self inspiration and motivation to finish it because I don’t know how else I’m gonna do it.

These granny squares are destined to become a new pillow for my couch IF I ever finish them. I started my squares because I missed the ease and the speed of crocheting, now I have a new project on my hands. I do heart me some granny squares though. Always and Forever.

Future Pair of Mittens
For the holidays I made two pair of mittens, one pair for Colez and one pair for my Dad. I was jealous of these mittens and wanted to keep them all for myself. Now I am trying to make a pair for myself and what do you know… I can’t finish them. So far I have one mitten down and one to go.

Future Sock
And lastly, the sock I used to love is the sock I now hate. I had one of these babies done in October, yes October, I know right? It’s been a long time. At the beginning of January I started the second of what will be two beautiful socks but every time I pick up the needles it is torture. I just want it to be over, soon.

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  • Erika Olson Gross January 27, 2010

    One word…baby! You should finish those though because they are all very nice.

  • The Garden Bell January 27, 2010

    You must be my multi project muse. I'm the same way, But love it.

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