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I Can Sew.

My First Sewing Project
I grabbed my sewing machine from my mom’s house on Tuesday night after picking up Finn for the day, where it had been sitting for the last few years. I tried to use it one time like five years ago and became overwhelmed by the bobbin, so I gave up. Now here I am five years later trying to figure out how to use this damn thing, and I haven’t actually successfully sewn anything since I was 10 years old. So, I sit down with my instruction manual and learn how to conquer that dumb bobbin and voila.

Check it! I make this little knitting needle case for all of my sticks..

I’ve realized that sewing and sewing machines aren’t as scary as thought. But they do require a lot of thinking. First you have to figure out what you want to create, then if you’re not using a pattern you need to deconstruct the object, and then lastly you need to figure out how you’re going to put it all together and “make it work.” (BTW Proj-Run, tonight!) Plus there is the whole technical side of it, which I’m not even close to having a grasp on.

Inside Needle Case
My seams are only a little crooked. That’s good right?

Inside the case are compartments for my double-sided needles, my regular needles, my crochet hooks and my circular needles.

Needle Case, Interior
The flap on top helps to hold all my needles in place so they’re not flying all over.

In other news, LOST starts on tuesday. I will kill someone if the last episode ends with them landing safely at LAX.

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  • erin January 29, 2010

    You didn't have a pattern? That's amazing!

  • Laura February 27, 2010

    that looks so cool!
    Can I ask where you got that beautiful green fabric?

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