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Deuce Cities Henhouse

I got these birds on their sticks now. They seem pretty stoked about it! A good and 

smart friend of mine pointed out that babies are color blind until about 4 months of 
age. She suggested I stick some black and white birds up there to keep the baby’s 
attention until those rods and cones are fully functioning. Duly noted. 

I used a wax coated linen thread to suspend the twigs. You could use anything you desire but the wax
coating keeps any knots you tie from slipping. So that’s cool.

In lieu of trekking through the forest in search of sticks and twigs, I cut up some decorative sticks
that I had here at the house. I really like the way these branches turn and twist. It made for great
places to tuck the birds in. 

Shhh. The Great Spotted Blue Bird is very very rare in this part of the country. Isn’t it

I was a bit worried about the process of getting this thing to balance properly. It was 
pretty easy though and the whole thing was put together in under 30 minutes. In case 
you were wondering, I pulled out my handy dandy glue gun to affix these little beauties
to their perches. Easy!

Ta Da! This thing looks pretty sweet! I think this babe is gonna love it!

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