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I’m a crocheting machine!

Slowly but surely I am making progress on Finn’s blanket. I am realizing that, YES, this will take forever. New goal, have it done for Finn’s first birthday in July.

So I just discovered a new use for etsy… buying patterns. I bought patterns for both this hat and these shoes. I have been making and remaking these all month. Finn’s not impressed, according to him he has no use for a hat or shoes and he promptly removes them from his head and feet.

Baby Care Package
I also made a secret pair for Bob and Urs’ soon to be little guy or gal. Shhh.

Homemade Card
A homeade card

Finn demonstrates: He agrees, I made the first version too small.

The second version is better, but I remake it one more time so that it can have a citron stripe.

I discover that dry ice comes with your grocery delivery. Experiments ensue.

It’s cold and rainy so I give stew a try, and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever made.

Recipe found here pass it on

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