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Birds for Babes

I found this mobile at spoolsewing.com. I decided that I should try and whip one together so that when this new babe gets here she will have something pretty to look at while she is chillin’ in her crib.

Here is the stack of fabric that I’m going to build these birds from.

Mill End Textiles sells Fat Quarters for $1.50. These are lovely bits of fabric that are the perfect size for smaller projects that you might be making. Mill End also has hella awesome coupons and deals. Print your coupons off from the internet and head on over there.

Here are some of the birdies freshly cut from fabric. Next step, stichin’ shit up.

I start by pinning the first edge together. I am hand stitching these and need things to stay put while I work.

Ya get one side done and then get cookin’ on the other.

Once you get that belly sewn on, it’s time to sew that bird face together. Here is a pre-op bird face.

Ta Da! Got that bird sewn up good! Now all there is left to do is stuff it and sew up the tail.

Here are some finished birds.

Hen Party.

Now that we’ve got these birds all put together the next step will be to arrange them, ever so strategically, upon some sticks. 

Stay tuned for installment 2 where we attempt to accomplish this delicate balancing act. 
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