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Success, my gocco printer worked
Here is my first stab at Gocco printing. I think I was pretty successful, I’m happy with the results. I only wish it didn’t cost so much… or I would do it all the time, I would imagine that each of these cards with postage cost about 2 bucks a piece, argh blerg. I can see how people get addicted to this stuff though. It’s fun and pretty easy, and I didn’t even make a mess.

Gocco Christmas card and EnvelopeGuess what? I just bought one of those awesome corner rounder thing dealies. Now everything in my house will have a nice rounded edge on it.

I think I’m gonna send this card out with a red envelope and a liner printed with vintagesque green christmas trees. I found both envelopes and liner atpaper source.

All my deer in a row.
I wish that I could have my dining room table covered in this type of awesomness all the time.

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