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Easy Invitations

Hey Guys, I wanted to share with you this quick, easy and cool invitation that Finn and I made last week for his birthday party. This invitation is cool for a few reasons, for one it looks awesome. Secondly it's pretty easy, and requires little to no artistic skill. It is quickly made with a straight edge ruler, and it doesn't take a lot of time, or cost a lot of money. Do you remember making READ MORE
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I just got this year's holiday cards back from Minted!! This is the 3rd time I've used minted.com to make our cards, and I totally LOVE them. Let me give you some perspective, I am chronic non-holiday-card-sender-outer. Out of the 13 holiday's I've had since splitting* with my folks (aka moving out), 9 of which I've spent married, and 5 of those with kids, I've only sent out holiday cards 3 times. READ MORE
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Cam’s Baby Shower Invites

This weekend I cranked out some invitations for my friend Cam's baby shower that I will be hosting in May. I'm super happy with how they turned out. I was totally inspired by Shanna Murray's decal illustrations. I knew from the get go I wanted the party to involve a lot of handmade elements and I thought I'd start by penning the invitations in my own handwriting. Plus I had just ordered a bunch READ MORE
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Win Some Cool Valentines!

Hey Guys, You might have noticed that I have been up to a lot of new things around the old Henhouse these days. I've got the new site redesign, some new features (like the etsy finds), a really awesome new spotlight involving cool people and studio tours, and some new projects I'd like to share with you. To celebrate all the new changes and to welcome you to the new and improved Henhouse, I'd like READ MORE
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HVD Valentines!

Yep, We've got new Valentine's in the Etsy store and these ones are pretty great. Printed with super Hot Pink & Metallic Gold ink they kinda rule, seriously, how could you go wrong? The abbreviation on the front could stand for Happy Valentines Day, or, it could stand for any of the following; Herpes Vulva Dong Happy Venereal Disease Hot Vajayjay Dookie Huge Virtual Dong Hilarious Vagina READ MORE
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