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HVD Valentines!

Hot Pink & Gold Valentine
Yep, We’ve got new Valentine’s in the Etsy store and these ones are pretty great. Printed with super Hot Pink & Metallic Gold ink they kinda rule, seriously, how could you go wrong?

The abbreviation on the front could stand for Happy Valentines Day, or, it could stand for any of the following;

  • Herpes Vulva Dong
  • Happy Venereal Disease
  • Hot Vajayjay Dookie
  • Huge Virtual Dong
  • Hilarious Vagina Dicks (my favorite)
  • Humping Very Daintily

Okay, I’m spent, this is harder than it looks.

Here’s another pic and the details.

HVD Valentine
This single, screen printed valentine card comes complete with a coordinating kraft paper envelope. The inside of this cards is left blank, and is just waiting a special, or not so special message for your sweetie .

The note card is A2 size (4.25″ x 5.5″) and packaged in a cellophane bag for protection.
Please order soon, so that I can get these sweeet thangs to you by V-Day.

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