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What a Difference a Year Makes

1 year later

So a year ago yesterday I did a post about how cold and snowy it was and how I couldn’t stand it anymore. Seriously, last year was nuts. I think by February 1st it had already snowed 5 feet or something. Totally unreal, plus it was in the negative digits for weeks on end. So here we are February 1st 2012 and I can see grass, it’s 40º out and there are puddles. For realz. I actually think spring is right around the corner.

1 Year Later
Let me back up a sec. So, if you weren’t following me last year this is what happened. I was totally over winter and I had the SADS so Finn and I take a trip to the flower store to pick up some succulents to fend off those winter blues. We plant them and wait for spring. One year later; 40% of the succulents are dead, 40% are huge and the remaining 20% (aka 1 plant if you’re good at math) is super crazy and weird looking. Not bad odds? Not so sure about that. Anyway. Just like the Empire Penguins march to lay their eggs so do Finn and I march to the flower store every February 1st hoping for signs of spring.

Future Green Thumbs
Taking into consideration our not so hot odds with succulents, we go the extra mile and buy a new planter and some drainage rocks and some dirt so these guys can have an actual chance; all things we should’ve done last year. Finn & Elsa take charge and a planting we-a-go.

A new leaf (ha so punny)
We plant our succulents and set them in the window. We are dead set on spring.

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  • Cam February 2, 2012

    I am so with you. I cannot wait for spring!

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