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My Knobs
I thought I’d try and be all cool like Daniel over at Manhattan Nest and spend an evening removing paint from my bedroom door knobs, It would’ve been cool if it won’t have been so hard.

So I’ve been wanting to remove the paint from these knobs for awhile and here is the reason why; on the main floor of our house none of the knobs have been painted and they are all kinds of this beautiful dark metal (I don’t even know what it is, Bronze maybe?) Anyways, I thought I should try my hand at stripping the knobs upstairs to see what I had. First I spend like an hour with a utility blade trying to get the paint out of the screw heads so I could actually try and remove the hardware. Then I boiled them in a pot for an hour or so, the paint was all blistered and looked like it would come off like butter, which was partially true, it did, but it also left a lot of paint in the grooves. This part was the worst and a total a pain in the butt to get off. After a good hour of scrubbing with some steal wool and a steak knife (I know, but it’s was there and it worked) I was able to get off most of the paint. I reassemble the hardware on the door, and stand back to look at my hard work. But it’s not super beautiful, it only looks okay. Now I realize the whole door needs a new coat of paint, and all the trim and all the molding, and if I’m going to keep this look up I have a good EIGHT other doors to do.

No, my knobs do not look as beautiful as Daniel’s, and yes, I should’ve probably left them white, but sometimes a girls got to dive right in and see what’s out there.

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  • kelley March 19, 2012

    a tad late on this but… i LOVE how it’s turned out! and now i’m longing for my own very pretty doorknobs :(

    • Scoops March 21, 2012

      Hey Kelley,

      If you have old painted door knobs you should def give this a try. The hardest part was getting them off the door.

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