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49 Days ‘Till Spring

49 Days till Spring
This is what it looks like outside of our house, we can’t even stand it anymore. This is the worst part of winter, the part where every day seems like 10 days, and even though warmer weather is right around the corner it might as well be November.

Finn and I are desperate for spring so we took a trip to our local nursery to pick up some green for our house. We just needed something to give us a little hope for the spring and these succulents were just what the doctor ordered. I am a big fan of these succulents for a few reason, first of all, they look awesome, I love all the color and texture, and unlike some plants these are very clean and modern looking. Secondly, they are all winter hardy so if Finn and I want to we can plant them in our garden this summer and enjoy them year after year OR we can use them as a centerpiece for our patio table and bring them in again to enjoy in the fall.

Bringing some spring into our lives
So me and the little dude planted these beauties in some vintage planters and set them on the dining room table, now we have something pretty and green to look at every day. Hopefully this will help get us through the last 49 days. Let the count down begin.

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  • Jerowen February 1, 2011

    Gorgeous! The plants anyway, pretty sick of the snow too. Not looking forward to the dirty snow months, but Spring is so worth it.

  • Heidi February 1, 2011

    Ugh! MPLS winter sux right now–I am soo tired of shoveling and roof-raking. I, too, am yearning for spring!

  • Scoops February 2, 2011

    Let's hope it comes sooner than later. Doesn't that groundhog get to NOT see it's shadow soon?

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