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Hey doodz, guess what? I am dictating this post to you from my computer because it just so happens that my right hand is broken and has four large puncture wounds in it, and when shit like that happens to your hand it doesn’t really work very well.

So how did this happen? Well pals, I learned the hard way that you should just keep your hands inside the fence. I was attempting to put my neighbors dog at ease – I was out in the backyard putzing around, the dog was barking, so I gave him a friendly pet – something I’ve done lots of times in the past. Turns out a friendly pet wasn’t taken as a friendly gesture from my 150lb neighbor dog. That dog bit the shit out of my hand leaving me with four deep puncture wounds and a bunch of broken bone-y pieces. The dog is typically a very good dog, and I have a great relationship with my neighbor, so I’m not really worried about it happening again. Between my neighbor guy and I, we will make a plan and ensure the kids are safe.

If you read this blog, you know this injury has to be torturing me, because right now is the time of year where all I want to do is be in the yard; be diggin’ in the dirt, planting flowers, mulching flowerbeds and obsessing over everything green. It’s killing me.

So what does this mean for the blog? Well, as of this moment in time I’m unable to push the shutter button on my camera let alone do a DIY project and type of post. I literally need help taking my pants on and off when I use the bathroom. I am really hopeful that in the next week or so I’ll be able to do a lot more with my hand, and I’ve got a lot of good friends out there who I know will step in and help me out so I can get some of these projects done. I really have a lot that I want share with you guys including an Ace post & giveaway, an Aptil garden recap, a one-year-later review on the fence, and progress on the basement. Anyway I’ll share when I can wether it be a little or a lot and I hope to be back really soon.

Today’s lessons: keep your hands to your damn self & if you’re taking pain killers Jackass is the best show to watch.

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  • Elise April 29, 2015

    Wow, that sucks! Good for you though for understanding the dog’s point of view and not trying to report him to the city or whatnot. I’m sure it’s a great teachable moment for your sons but what an incredible bummer to not have the use of your hand. Especially now! 77 on Saturday!

    • Scoops April 29, 2015

      Elsie! Don’t torture me. Well maybe a hammock will be coming for Mother’s Day, and I can just chill out with some Vicodin’s in the backyard, that won’t be so bad either.

  • Sage @ Plaster&Disaster April 29, 2015

    Review on the fence: not solid or tall enough :)

    Hope you heal quickly, what a scary experience that must have been!

    • Scoops April 29, 2015

      Ha ha! The fence is fine, just a little operator error. Thanks and it was terrifying.

  • Amanda April 29, 2015

    Talk about bummer! And yes, you most definitely earned a hammock. Maybe two?

    • Scoops April 30, 2015

      Yeah, right!? It’ll be here Monday!

  • Becky April 29, 2015

    That sucks! A friend of mine broke her ankle and can not weight bear for another 4 weeks. She is currently using her children as slave labour to get her garden looking good/get the vegetable seeds planted.

    • Scoops April 30, 2015

      Thats a good idea! They’ve already been really helpful. My older guy has been helping his bro get dressed in the mornings, and my little guy watered the gardens for me yesterday. I’m sure there will be lots of little ways they can help out.

  • CALLIE April 29, 2015


    • Scoops April 30, 2015


  • Rachel April 29, 2015

    oh dang, that is awful! I hope you heal up quickly. From one busy bee to another, I can only imagine the frustration. I’d probably be like, “Mom, forget bringing soup, I need you to come over with some spray paint….”

    Feel better!

    • Scoops April 30, 2015

      My mom and dad and husband have all been great. Yes it is killing me. There will def be some left-handed-gardening in my future.

  • Erin Sagadin April 29, 2015

    Oh, my! How awful! I’m glad you weren’t hurt worse and I agree that a hammock is in order. Plus, maybe some new maxi skirts (if the weather is nice enough) so you won’t need help with your pants! ;) Get well soon.

    • Scoops April 30, 2015

      Oh yeah, skirts, I forgot that was a thing. Ive currently been rocking stretchy pants and pj bottoms :)

  • Jackie April 29, 2015

    Be sure you get antibiotics for that if you haven’t already. It looks like one of the punctures is on your finger, which can be bad news. I ended up hospitalized for a few days due to a TINY puncture on my finger.

    • Scoops April 30, 2015

      On day 2 it got infected so I got a hugely painful shot in my butt and have been downing horse pills twice a day. I think the infection is clearing up today. Thanks!

  • Erika April 29, 2015

    Oh my gosh…so sorry to hear this. I hope there is no permanent damage to your hand and that you are digging in the dirt very soon. It’s such a good reminder about dogs… Just the unpredictability of animals. Get better soon, neighbor!

    • Scoops April 30, 2015

      Me too! Dogs be crazy!! Thank you!

  • Lilian April 30, 2015

    was the dog barking at another dog or something it wanted to get at? Vets call it misdirected aggression. Happens to owners who try to hold back their dogs or calm them down when they are barking at the neighbour’s cat/dog they want to get at but can’t because they are tied up or indoors or behind a fence. They then turn on the nearest thing in their frenzy. Painful lesson though. Glad you managed to sort it out with your neighbour in an amicable fashion.

    • Scoops April 30, 2015

      Hey Lilian, I posted the short story but the long story goes like this. My neighbor is out of the country on business, the dog sitter has a bad habit of going to work and leaving the back door open so the dogs can come and go as they please. There are 2 dogs, the older gentle dog was whimpering for over an hour, I was working in the backyard and was frankly over the dog barking. While the bigger dog was sunning himself i put my hand over the fence to talk and pet the old gentle one. I petted him and he settled him down, he is super loving and friendly. The other big dog slowly got up during this time and stood calmly behind the old dog. There were no warning signs of aggression, before I knew it my hand was in the big dogs mouth. I’m guessing he was nervous due to his owner and dog sitter being gone. My neighbor knows of the incident and I’m sure we’ll come up with a plan that we both feel comfortable with after he gets back. As far as neighbors go, he is one of the best ones.

      • Lilian April 30, 2015

        Thanks for clearing that up. Hope you get better soon!

  • Sarge in charge April 30, 2015

    OooooMG. Poor, poor Scoops! I think you are well within your rights to INSIST that your hammock arrive early. After all, it will be the perfect vantage point from which to direct your child labor…

    • Scoops April 30, 2015

      All I can say is YES an HA!

  • Rachel April 30, 2015

    Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! That must’ve been really scary. Having broken a lot of bones 6 months ago, I really sympathize with you about not being able to do all of the stuff you normally enjoy and having to rely on others for help. It’s really hard and gives you a whole new appreciation of being able-bodied. At least my injuries happened at the beginning of the fall, so I didn’t miss out on gardening and nice weather. That must be torture, I’m sorry!

    It’ll probably seem like forever while you’re recovering, but it’ll be over before you know it! I’m sure you’ll find creative ways to adapt to your injuries so that you can still garden (though I sliced my finger open with garden shears and thought I needed stitches last week–be careful with those.)

    • Scoops May 8, 2015

      Oh man, Rachel. So sorry to hear about all of your broken bones, I hope all is well now. Yes, having an injured body part (a limb especially) gives you a whole new perspective. It’s very hard to ask for help, but I’m doing more and more on my own every day. Thanks for the support and be careful with those shears!

  • Kate S. April 30, 2015

    Thank you for being level-headed about the issue and not demanding the dog be put down or your neighbors move to keep him–even good dogs can make mistakes (just like us!). I wish more people were willing to acknowledge that.

    • Scoops May 8, 2015

      Yep, I totally agree. I probably underestimated the situation too – so it can’t be all the dogs fault.

  • Kate May 1, 2015

    Listen, I don’t want to get you riled up but my niece was destroyed by a pit bull who was “always so nice” so be super careful with your babies, okay? It’s not worth it and don’t try to be diplomatic over a dog if your babies are at risk. I just have to say that because they destroyed her face.

    • Scoops May 8, 2015

      I’m sorry to hear about your niece. The neighbor and I are making a plan to make sure the kids will be protected in the future.

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