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Project 62, Wut?

What the heck? I walk into Target the other day and everything rules, and I put everything in my cart, and then have to take ten minutes before checking out to have a real deal crisis about what I keep and what I put back! Like, what just happened? I guess they are calling this new amazingness “Project 62”. Targs seems to have rebranded a few old Threshold favs, a couple-a ‘Dwell for Target’ pieces, and a whole lot of other good looking stuff to make a new brand. This is all I can discern, I know nothing else. I am speechless.

Target has been the shit the last few fall seasons, I think this is a known fact now. Howevs, I was a bit blindsided this time. Everything was beautiful, everything felt solid and well made, nothing was plastic or only a facade. I mean, I just…

Anyway. If you haven’t yet, all I can say is, “be careful”, here are a few of my favs.

Target Project 62 | Deuce Cities Henhouse

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  • Judi September 20, 2017

    Oh, I KNOW. Same thing happened to me y’day…I went to take a break after stripping wallpaper for 9 hours and WHOA. I came home with way too many things and all I could do was keep muttering “Target is killing it.” My poor husband.

    And it’s not just Project 62. Black linen Smith & Hawken napkins! Big! Marled! Narrow trim! Gorgeous! (Sorry, fellow SGF MO shoppers…I bought all three sets in store. But they’re still available online….

    • Scoops September 21, 2017

      Oh man, stripping wallpaper is rough. I’ve been there, and I feel for you. Target IS killing it – I wonder what their long game, strong game is? I think Proj 62 is there way of branching out with home goods online. They even took proper photographs for target.com – usually their online product pics look like a 1st grader took them. Also, it seemed to me like a lot of the bigger pieces were a little more expensive (and I imagine nicer) than normal too. Those napkins sound like I need to have them.

      • Judi September 21, 2017

        You do need those napkins! And at least as of now, they are still available online…

        I had subliminally noticed, but hadn’t registered, the better photos/styling (although now that you mention it, yeah!), but I did notice something else recently. I don’t know about your IKEA store, but most I’m shopping are making the Marketplaces into collections of small boutique environments and merchandising WAY better. Apparently this is all part of a brand strategy. So recently, my Target (Springfield, MO), which counts as a top selling Target, created a room setting within which to showcase new lines. I asked and this is, yeah, port of a brand strategy. So I wonder whether Target realized – thanks to you, the Petersiks, Anna Dorfman, Daniel Kanter, Kim and Scott Vargo, etc. – that it was about time it took its own lines seriously? Honestly, the quality I’m seeing lately in both this line and Threshold beats the old NB stuff all to hell.

        #ExtremelyFirstWorldProblems. Thanks for indulging the reply. Today was more wall prep. And thanks for the commiseration!

  • Courtney September 21, 2017

    They had me at “plugin brass wall sconce”! A littler insider info (I work at Target) the long game is quadrupling down on style–home, apparel, beauty. They are planning even more brand launches over the next couple years. They even just announced a new line in collaboration with Joanna Gaines. Lord help my wallet.

    • Judi September 21, 2017

      I am laughing out loud at my own hubris and audacity (see previous comment thread). That willl teach me not to theorize ahead of my data!

  • Jo September 26, 2017

    I agree that much of the stuff Target is now stocking is lovely. Bringing Magnolia in is probably very smart on their part. Here’s my gripe: While they are so busy with that part of the store, they totally neglect the grocery section. EVERY SINGLE TIME I go there with my trusty list, I leave and have to go somewhere else because they don’t have what I want. What I want is simple stuff – a box of cinnamon grahams for instance. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to Target for these, and leave without them. They have 50 boxes of every other graham cracker, but the space for cinnamon is empty. I get extremely frustrated every time I shop at Target. I used to work at Target and my love for that store was total, but I’m really getting tired of this.

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