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Future House: Internet Tour!

Future House: Foyer & Living Room
Well, we visited our future house last Sunday. It will most likely be the last time we see it until we close in March, so I snapped some quick photos and have decided to share them with the internet, mostly because I am too excited to keep them to myself.

A little about our new house: It is going to have it’s 100th birthday this year, holy crap that is an old house! I have quickly discovered in our current rental that my favorite feature is its porches. Man, do I love hanging out and drinking beers on porches. Well guess what?, our new house has porches too. So that is cool. Also, this house has a garage with room for a basketball hoop, which Jeff is super stoked about. It also has large bedrooms upstairs, a secret “office” room, and a finished basement which last saw a design update in the early 80’s. Oh and the best feature of all is our future neighborhood. We will be living in Kingfield, right near the lakes and Uptown in South Minneapolis. Finn will get to be one of those kids who gets to grow up in the city. This is a photo of the living room of our house looking on from the entry way. Don’t worry, our furniture will look way cooler.

Future House: Foyer
This is the entry way which features this cool stair case. The rungs are the perfect size and I won’t have to worry about kids’ heads getting stuck in them, unless we have weird really really tiny kids. Through the doorway is the kitchen.

Future House: Dining Room
This is our future dining room, it features a built-in window seat and a built-in buffet. The door on the right leads to the secret “office” featuring floral wallpaper.

Future House: Front
FUTURE PORCH! It will be awesome to watch the world go by and listen to Twins games out here.

Future House: Master Lair
This is going to be our bedroom, which is pretty big for an old house. We are super amped about it. The photo below features the best part.

Check it out, a 4-season porch aka “adult patio” right off the master bedroom. We will have to get this porch its own mini fridge for sure.

Whew, just had to get that all off my chest. Thanks for indulging me.

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